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Adam Jacks

Formats: WMV. MP4. Quicktime. Flash
Other Content:
Blog, forum
Cost Details:
$19.95 for 30 days then $15.95 recurring every 30 days
$24.95 for 30 days (non-recurring)
$53.00 for 90 days (non-recurring)
I’ve just got back from a very horny, short version, of a longer movie that I found on Adam Jacks. I only downloaded it to see the quality, intending to get the full version later, but I got very distracted and ended up downloading the whole movie and watching it. Twice. Hopefully that is a recommendation for you to at least check out the tour here, and when you do, you can believe the promises and the quality of what you see. I do have a couple of suggestions for the site (model index - later), but I also have a great deal of praise for it. You know me, I don’t bleat on about ‘awesome’ this and ‘load-blowing’ that, very often, and I'm not about describing scenes in detail, or waxing lyrical about the style of filming and how ‘post modern and eclectic the lighting is, reminiscent of blah, blah…’ and all that. I tell it as I see it, and this is what I saw: Seven pages, with eight large samples per page lead you to the content. There is no separate area for videos and galleries, but you know when you’re going to a gallery as the title will say ‘photoshoot.’ If you see only the guys’ names then you’re in for a video. Whichever you view you will find a little write up, something about the guys, the length of the movies, and the date the photos were taken, or the video made. You also get a chance to rate what you see, and it’s not surprising that members have rated most of this content in the four or five out of five range. So is the quality that good? Yes it is. Not only is it all filmed in HD, but it is well edited and put together too. These are quality amateur guys, chosen for their good looks, good bodies and hung cocks. But there is more to them than that, as you will find out form the interviews and chats. Which is also where you will hear the sexy accents. There are a lot of smooth, good looking men in here, plus some who are slightly hairier, some are in the ‘twink’ range, others are jocks, most are white and all are very sweet on the eye. In a nutshell I was very impressed with the quality of productions and the guys. I was also slightly gob-smacked at the download speed, which is about as fast as it could be. I loved the blog and the about pages too. I’d like to have seen more about the guys. I do like a model index with stats and background, links to appearances and so on, and find one of those very useful for checking out the guys by face, and then clicking to see more. Especially when the site gets bigger, as Adam Jacks is going to do. Mind you, there are some interviews and behind the scenes footage so you’ll probably pick up more about the guys there, and you've also got the interactive forum where you can ask anything you like and really get involved. Adam Jacks looks good, feels good and it does you good too. They say that this is the place ‘where hot guys have real sex’, and they sure do. It all comes across smoothly, quickly and well. The quality shines and you get exactly what you are promised. Bravo the Brits!

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Content Quality: 18/20

No quality concerns here. Everything is shot in high definition, including the photos which open to a perfect size for your screen. The chats and interviews are fun, you get the real flavour of the guys, the movies are well shot and edited and there is plenty of choice for viewing.

Content Quantity: 15/20

You've got around 15 photo sets with various numbers of images each, 40 videos available as short (trailer) or long versions, and a blog to check up on. There are also behind the scenes videos as well as a nice number of solo jack-offs, and some couples in action scenes too.

Updates: 8/10

You get weekly updates here with the promise of a new video shoot and a new gallery every Friday – that should get your weekend off to a good start. So far this schedule has been well kept to.

Originality & Exclusivity: 10/10

This is all 100% exclusive content so top marks there. The guys are also newbies and so you won’t have seen them before.

Extras: 7/10

You’ll love the blog which keeps you up to date with what’s going on at the site and with SAW Media, the producers. You also have a good Q and A page, info about the site and you can even apply to be a model. There is a member’s forum for full interactivity too.

Navigation: 4/5

Navigation is simple with a clear top menu and well designed pages. You may get sent out to the tour area when checking the about pages and blog etc. (but not with the videos or galleries). If you do then you simply click the enter tab again and you’re back in.

Speed: 5/5

No problems with the download speed, at around 157kbps is kind of hard to beat.

Value: 8/10

Considering the exclusivity and quality of this content you’re getting a good deal whichever way you look at it. And, because you have weekly updates, a recurring membership is going to be worth it – and when you take one of those, the price you pay goes down after the first month. So, pretty good value all round.

The B Factor: 7/10

What we really like about this site are: the sexy Brit guys and their sensuous performances; the fact that this is all exclusive content; the clarity of the videos which is awesome; the great camerawork and photography; the choice of viewing; the ease of navigation… well, everything really!

Overall Score: 82% Rate Gay Porn Review

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