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All Gay Toons

459 galleries x 30
4 animated movies x 15 mins
Formats: WMV. Mpeg
Other Content:
Feed sites. Stories. Illustrated stories
Toon sites either work really well or they fail. At All Gay Toons they have got the mix just right. You can find those wired and wonderful, blue haired guys with bright red tips to their cocks, and you can find more naturalistic and erotic drawings too, They know what they are doing here, and this is a good Toon site with lots on offer.

One of the great plus points about All Gay Toons is that they provide you with animated movies as well as drawings, You may have seen other sites offer animations and then only found short flash clips, but here you have good quality sex videos – with toon characters. There is a nice mix here at All Gay Toons with some 3D movies, only four but fully animated tales of sexual adventures. There are in WMV format running at 1.03Mbps in a 480 x 360 screen. They are also a standard movie length of up to 20 minutes and can be streamed really easily. Wait for the buffering and then you are off into fantasy land with erotic and suggestive scenes taking place.

If you’re after those silly little Flash animations then you'll find some here – short clips that have a couple of moving parts to them which repeat. I can’t really see the point of these unless you want to send them to your friends for a laugh. But in the other All Gay Toons categories you can find 26 short, one minute clips. This little area consists of 270kbps movies in a 320 x 240 screen that are short, sharp and to the point. Couples in action, solos and threesomes feature here.

So a good stock of hard to find animated sex movies is available and then you come to the galleries. These are more standard toon content but of equally as good a quality as the majority of the movies. Aficionados may recognise the name of Robert Young who proved many drawings here and you will also like to see the variation of styles. From pencil drawings to full colour illustrations, the drawn content at All Gay Toons far outweighs the video content, as you might expect. The content is varied in its themes with strange creatures, older hairy guys, youthful sex and all stops in between. Not only are the styles different but so are some of the themes. It’s a rewarding and well put together set of erotic drawings.

And then All Gay Toons goes a little further. On top of the main content you will find Hot Rod, a comic series with 213 illustrated pages to follow; there are over 50 sex stories, 10 illustrated stories, 11 pages of real photos – as opposed to drawings. These are manly twinky young things. Take no notice of any missing thumbnails here as the full sized images are there if you click. And if you’re in the mood for more distractions there are six erotic games to play on line; puzzles and so forth, it’s a bit of fun is all. The links to chat, cam and dating sites maybe the standard up-sells where you must sign up to view all, but they are interesting to go and take a look at.

Getting around is simple enough with clear links. There was no update news that I could find so keep an eye on that, and there are not many interactive features. But all in all you've got a great collection of original toon porn and toon movies that is rewarding and satisfying.

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Content Quality: 17/20

Quality is not an issue here as everything is more than acceptable. From computer generated images to real life galleries, to well written erotica it’s all just fine for quality.

Content Quantity: 17/20

There are 14 areas to the members’ part of All Gay Toons and each one is reasonably stocked with content. There is more than the average for a toon site here.

Updates: 6/10

This was a problem. There was no definite update news to be found and no dates posted with the content.

Originality & Exclusivity: 7/10

I believe that some of this artwork is exclusive though I can’t say for sure. You’re not promised exclusive content so at least you’re not being misled.

Extras: 7/10

The linked extras are really up-sells though they are good ones to check out and possibly try.

Navigation: 4/5

Navigation is simple and links are clear and the design fits well with the content.

Speed: 4/5

With a 75kbps download rate the videos were easy enough to get.

Value: 7/10

Tour promises are kept and the sign up fee is standard. For good quality toon porn it’s a small price to pay.

The B Factor: 7/10

Here is a toon site that brings you not only original drawings in various genres but also properly animated movies too. These are a decent length and easy to access, the artwork is outstanding at times and there is plenty of it.

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