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Formats: WMV. Mp4. Flash.
Other Content:
Wallpapers, behind the scenes footage, blog
Cost Details:
$29.95 per month, recurring at $19.95 per month
$99.00 for six months, non-recurring
Alternadudes gets it right. It sets out to give us something different in the world of gay porn and it does so. The difference between this and most other hardcore sites is that the models are not your usual, run of the mill, standard pieces of beefcake, slim twinks or hairy bears. They are a mix, and a mix of guys who prefer the alternative look and lifestyle. But the sex is the same –not to say that it is standard, or if it is standard then that it not a problem. You've got you usual jerk offs, couples and groups in action, hard cocks, oral and anal scenes and erotic build ups. So everything you want from a porn movie is here. But here is that difference: The guys. There are young street punks with piercings, guys with tattoos, Emos and Goths, scrawny lads looking rough, those who dress in outrageous clothes, horny skin heads with more tatts and all kinds of hair-displays going on. But underneath these costumes (which are not costumes actually, this is how they dress) are good looking, well put together guys with great bodies and dicks who like to show off in front of the camera. They may be amateur but they put in good performances. And you get to view these in a couple of formats. There are four choices of resolution for your Flash streaming no less, so one of those is going to suit you; and there are various ways to download the files in a range of player formats. You've got iPod compatible versions too, so they make for quick grabbing, and high resolution, full length scenes in WMV. Bit rates are around 980k to 2,000k or more, and screen sizes are around 720 s 480 in the larger versions. All the filming is fine, the quality is good, the camerawork works well and the sound is natural. No problems with the movies. Some of the gallery pics were a little blurred at times, but there were not many of those and they were mainly action shots. These were video caps and there were around 60 per set. Decent enough. Since I first saw this site a while ago it has undergone some changes and now looks even better. But the guys remain the same; indie and underground you might say. The updates are kind of regular, and there is some basic information about what’s going on, but mainly you are here to see alternative guys in horny solos and action scenes, and in that respect the site does really well. It certainly makes a change from the ‘norm’ and it’s a site that you will want to visit for a breath of fresh air, for something… well, alternative.

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Content Quality: 17/20

The quality of the filming is good, the images are not always so hot, but the movies work well. The guys are exactly as you were promised on the tour, varied and horny and all alternative – at least they are a good alternative to the standard porn model. The site is well designed and easy to use.

Content Quantity: 15/20

When there is more content here the site will be getting even better marks. But there are around 70+ movies and galleries to view, some extras too which are also exclusive and over 60 models so there is plenty to see here.

Updates: 8/10

You can expect to find one new scene every week, they say. It looks like the site has been keeping to this promise and has a reasonable track record for updates.

Originality & Exclusivity: 10/10

This site relies on its own content only, which means that everything here is exclusive. The guys, the movies, the galleries and the blog, and even the extras are exclusive to the company. It’s also different in that it takes an original approach to its models and finds real alternative men to star.

Extras: 7/10

You've got some behind the scenes footage and some wallpapers, mainly, in your extras area. There are three pages of these extras and there are some fun bloopers too.

Navigation: 5/5

No problems getting around the site, no problems with technical issues and everything was easy to find and use. The site has a good design.

Speed: 3/5

The download transfer rate was reasonable, I had no problem with it.

Value: 7/10

This is a standard monthly fee, with a reduction if you go for the long term membership, but there wasn’t a huge amount of content in return. However, what there was, was original and exclusive and hard to find elsewhere.

The B Factor: 7/10

When the site is bigger in terms of content we’ll give it more marks - but what it is big on is the alternative model scene. These are the kinds of guys that wouldn’t normally make it into a standard porn flick, and that’s good – we don’t want them in anything standard, and here they stand out. This is a refreshing change to the norm and we applaud it for that.