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Anal Pals

21 galleries x 100 pics
23 video feed sites
Formats: WMV. Flash. Quicktime. Real One
Other Content:
Links to chat sites
If you’re up for some third party feed sites the likes of which are to be found as extras in many a membership site, then Anal Pals could be the place for you. It’s nothing exclusive or special but it is a wide collection of all kinds of everything. Like the Elite series of sites that have a set amount of streaming hardcore to view, the excellent Czechboys and Sexgaymes, parts of which which are included in your membership. There are 20 feed sites here which do have regular updates.

On top of the Anal Pals feeds you have some galleries that have smooth and sexy younger guys and images clicking up to 600 x 1000 pixels in size. And then you come to a set of bonus sites. Are they a bonus? Well, Super Twink isn’t – it’s a daft collection of a silly boy in a cape and drag make up jerking off some slightly cuter straight buddies and battling his arch enemy for sex… oh why bother. But you do have Gay Hitchhiker where straight looking (most of the time) and sweet little twinks get picked up by a horny older bloke and fucked rotten. These are good and exclusive episodes that more or less get you value for money at what is otherwise a fairly run of the mill site.

Anal Pals is something for those just starting out in gay porn. You get lots of varied this and that, though it’s expensive, so it could be a good way to test drive what is available on more specialist sites. Finding the various areas is sometimes hit and miss, and you will need to check all areas of your home page to make sure you get to everything. Look down at the bottom for more feed sites links, for example.

But all said and done at Anal Pals, all you do have are 21 galleries, 23 feed sites, five bonus sites and many of those share the same content as Anal Pals. There isn’t an ‘anal only’ area and no exclusive anal content. There is no update news either but there are a couple of interactive feeds where you choose the men and what they do. It’s not great, it’s a standard to costly price for licensed content, and it will really only appeal to people trying out bits and pieces to discover what genre is best for them.

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Content Quality: 16/20

Galleries held good, big and clear images. Feed sites set their own standard of quality but generally the ones found here are fine.

Content Quantity: 10/20

The content is made up of feed sites with five bonus sites, three of which are identical to Anal Pals. There are some twink galleries and lots of links to explore.

Updates: 7/10

The feed sites get updated as and when but there is no real news about the updates and when you can expect more.

Originality & Exclusivity: 4/10

As the content at Anal Pals comes from outside producers you can’t expect exclusivity here – though some of the bonus sites do produce their own content and it’s original, though it is also shared with many other sites.

Extras: 4/10

Tricky. The feeds are the main content but feeds are usually extras. There is no interactivity and no chance to get involved with your site.

Navigation: 4/5

A simple white design makes viewing easy enough and there isn’t much to navigate.

Speed: 4/5

Some content opens in new windows and downloads are on the slow side at 50kbps.

Value: 5/10

It’s quite a lot to pay for a set of non-exclusive content and a couple of bonus sites.

The B Factor: 7/10

This is a mixed bag with all kinds of content supplied by all kinds of content providers. There are some bonus sites, two of which are original, but the others are basically the same as Anal Pals. It’s part of a network that smacks of someone tying to make a quick buck by buying into feed sites – or someone not having enough time, money and imagination to make their own exclusive content. If you’re starting out in porn viewing and want to sample some good examples of genres then come take a look.

Overall Score: 61% Rate Gay Porn Review

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