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Angel Twinks

64 Galleries x 200
78 Movies x 25 minutes
Formats: WMV. MPEG
Other Content:
One bonus gallery. 27 bonus videos. Members’ forum
Angel Twinks looks like your run of the mill twink site at first glance. But it knows what its niche is and it sticks to that niche. That’s a good enough start. Here you will find sexy younger guys with nice juicy cocks and plenty of hardcore sessions in the movies and galleries. Angel Twinks has varied content with different scenarios offered, some uniform fetish and orgies included and throughout you'll have good looking youths on show.

Actually, saying ‘plenty of hardcore’ may be a bit over the top as I only found 78 videos and 64 photo sets, but that was only in the exclusive content list. In the Angel Twinks bonus areas you can find much more, hundreds of clips and pics, and some of these boys have been around for a while so you may come across some old friends while browsing.

Keeping abreast of Angel Twinks updates is easy as content is provided with its upload date and finding that content is also easy. Click the menu link to find a list of what’s available and an image depicting each episode. Some of these images are too big for their box and you get pixilation, which is something that could easily be sorted out. It may make some pages look uncared for but the content still lies behind it and can be accessed.

There’s not a huge amount of choice when it comes to watching the movies. You have a higher and a lower quality version and the DVD quality one was only 387kbps @ 320 x 240, which isn’t exactly what I’d call DVD size. You can’t stream anything and you only have the one format to make do with; and there are only full length versions available too. That may sound like a plus to you but if you want to sample a scene before downloading you can’t, and some files are over 400Mbs in size. You have more variety and choice in the bonus area were there are clips and a selection of WMV and MPEG movies to choose from – not exclusive ones though.

It’s hard to place some of these boys but I’d go with the ‘Eastern European looking’ twink as the main models. They perform well and naturally though and are easy on the eye and hot on the cock. As for looks, well not all are what you might term ‘angels’ as there are some plain and ordinary looking boys here. Realistic maybe but not exactly dream material. If you don’t know Russian (or whatever the language is) then you’ll miss out on the dialogue when it happens, there are no subtitles, but I don’t suppose they are saying anything to important and, once the sex starts, the chatting soon stops. Ignore the gonzo – the bored looks and glances to the director, and enjoy the movies for what they are: reasonable quality and sexy scenes with good looking younger guys.

You have some interactive options at Angel Twinks. You can add some things to your favourites area, you can rate the content, leave comments about it and, in the galleries, you have a choice of image sizes plus a slideshow. That’s a nice set of little extras to play with.

There is also a forum to get involved with but you'll get most fun out of viewing the sexy, young, smooth, hung and realistic looking guys who make up the exclusive content.

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Content Quality: 13/20

Image quality is fine, you have a basic choice for video quality with the lower one being a bit dodgy but generally you will be able to see everything easily enough.

Content Quantity: 13/20

It’s a fair to reasonable amount of original content, with plenty more acting as padding in the bonus area.

Updates: 8/10

Angel Twinks publishes its upload dates which is good news, and you can see when something new has been added – this is a couple of times each week, bonus content included.

Originality & Exclusivity: 7/10

The main content is exclusive and original while the bonus content is all third party. Fair enough.

Extras: 8/10

Simple interactive options enhance your experience with a forum, add to favourites, bonus content, ratings and comments options.

Navigation: 4/5

No technical problems; easy navigation, clearly marked index pages and a nice and neat design.

Speed: 4/5

Files can be over 400Mbs in size so the 75kbps download speed is ok, just.

Value: 7/10

A recurring subscription is worth paying for as updates are regular and the content stays in its niche.

The B Factor: 7/10

What you have here is a straightforward twink site that puts together its own content and then builds around that some non-exclusive twink vids and pics that many other sites have licensed in. It’s easy enough to use though the exclusive video viewing options are limited, and it’s fine for quality. There are some extras to view, click and mess around with and a forum for members. It’s all very plain and simple; like some of the boys I suspect.