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As Victims

172 galleries x 140 pics
150 movies x five minutes
Formats: WMV. Xvid
Other Content:
Mailing list
Folk who are up for some spanking, domination and similar fetishes are not going to be satisfied with As Victims. But folk looking for something remarkable and unusual will be. The quality here at As Victims isn't great but what you will see will stick in your mind for a long time to come.
Technically speaking you'll be able to view the As Victims’ videos with no problem. They are suitable for both PC and Mac and you have instructions and guides if you have any technical problems. Downloading from As Victims is easy and, as each movie/part is only five minutes in length, this doesn’t take long. What happens, in most of them, is this: One or two guys come across another guy (all rather plain and simple looking) and bully him. There is some pretty naff punching and kicking with the cast obviously having an eye to safety. It’s not exactly convincing. A lot of the ‘action’ takes place outside and the settings are often more interesting than what is going on in the ‘story’.

The dialogue, such as it is, is in Russian (or similar) and there are no subtitles. The first few minutes of each movie is slow with, usually, the solo guy wandering happily along while – cut – the other two approach from a different direction. Cut. The solo guys admires the scenery. Cut. The two would-be bullies get closer. Cut. You go and make a cup of tea come back and, cut – these boys are still wandering aimlessly in the woods. And then. Slap, kick, punch, ‘Niet!’ and that’s your five minutes up. Next!

Ok, so the quality is reasonable, the editing is fine and so is the cameras work but there’s something just too silly about the way everything is put together to make these appear anything other than a film student’s attempt to film a fight scene.

Galleries are a bit more varied with some sets of 200 pics or more showing us some bondage as well as the woodland ruckus scenarios. The pictures take you through a vague story and the photography is fine.
Navigation is easy here at As Victims. The left menu is permanent and leads you to videos and pics. Pages have some information on them about the guys appearing, and navigation buttons are clearly marked. More stats and info about the models would be a good addition as you might be interested to follow young Serge or Vladimir through to his next episode and see if his kick-boxing or bitch-slapping has improved, but there is only a little amount of information at the moment.

You see? As Victims is a fairly unique site in that it seems to be about the roles of victims and bullies with no sex. (At least I didn’t find any.) The adult rating must come about because of the ‘violent’ nature of the scenes, though they are not that believable and are probably less violent that your average Saturday morning cartoon. Regular updates mean you have more content coming at you and it is original and exclusive.

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Content Quality: 16/20

The cast are varied in looks and acting ability, the videos are a reasonable quality as are the photos.

Content Quantity: 18/20

150 movies to date and over 23,000 images – so you have loads of content here and more coming at you often.

Updates: 7/10

Updates are made every week and the latest content is featured on your home page.

Originality & Exclusivity: 10/10

Not only is this content exclusive but it is specialised as well. It’s a rare find and an unusual one.

Extras: 5/10

Apart from a ‘coming soon’ page and a mailing list there are no other extras of bonuses here.

Navigation: 4/5

The navigation menu is fixed and easy to use, everything is clearly marked and there is a decent design.

Speed: 4/5

Downloads are at 90kbps.

Value: 8/10

A trial sign up converts to a reasonable regular sum and, taking into account the uniqueness of As Victims, you’re getting good value here.

The B Factor: 7/10

An unusual site this that will appeal to anyone into the bullying fetish. It’s not overtly sexual with guys only stripping to the waist, but there are original and exclusive bullying scenes which is what gives As Victims its adult status. Regular updates are offered and video viewing is easy.

Overall Score: 79% Rate Gay Porn Review

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