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Bad Dads

38 video cap galleries x 60 pics
38 movies x 20 minutes
Formats: WMV. Flash
Other Content:
Links to other sites of interest & dating and live cams sites
Cost Details:
$29.95 for 30 days (recurring)
$69.30 for 90 days (recurring)

Payment Options: Cards. Phone 900
With your membership to Bad Dads comes access to the entire Gay Porn Access network of sites. You get a lot of varied content for your money here as you can slip between sites and genres really easily, but what exactly is contained in this site, Bad Dads?

There is a general feel for intergenerational sex here with some scenes taking place between your standard twink and an older dad, but other scenes feature two horny older guys together. The main idea though is that Bad Dads can be sexy too, and they are. These aren’t ancient granddad types but more your hunky, hairy, husky older men and, whether with a younger partner or someone their own age, the sex is hot and horny. There are 38 full length scenes to view on Bad Dads and they all stay in that same niche.

Beginning at the main page you will find all your network update news, the bonus sites and the featured ones are listed here too. You have a category list for the main Bad Dads area, sometimes when you use this a new window will open and other times you stay where you are; it’s a bit hit and miss in that respect. When you click into Bad Dads wait for the large top banner to appear and then do some scrolling to get to the episodes. These are listed with a thumbnail and a link to each one’s main page. And there you will find a nice looking console and a couple of viewing choices: 257kbps @ 320 x 240 for the smaller files and 1.06Mb @ 512 x 384 for the larger ones. You may stream the movies in WMV, or download them directly, and there is a Flash stream available too. You can try changing the format of the file and select a different player but I've never been able to get this to work. Other interactive options are an ‘add to favourites’ function, you can rate the content, add comments or try the ‘buy this DVD’ link to go to the store.

Whichever viewing option you go for you will find good quality productions with straightforward and decent filming techniques. There are musical soundtracks on some of them but not on others. There is variety in the scenes, as I mentioned, with sexy guys everywhere, and of all ages, so it’s a good set of movies to collect, though not a huge one.

On top of these episodes though you have a further 85 sites to view. There is a function allowing you to browse the sites, or you can use the category list to sort out what you want to see next. There are various kinds of guys and different genres to explore here, for example the 30 twink sites and 19 in the mature guys list. Look around for more intergenerational sites and you will find them.

So don’t worry too much about Bad Dads only having 38 movies to view – you have plenty of other content for your sign up fee and much of it is intergenerational. The updates page didn’t actually list dates so you won’t be too sure when new content is going to be added so keep an eye on it, but for under $30.00 for nearly 90 sites you’re certainly getting value for money.

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Content Quality: 16/20

The screen caps may not be brilliant but the movies are just fine with good quality productions in two choices of player and speeds.

Content Quantity: 14/20

You have 38 original movies in the main area and each one comes with a screen cap gallery. There are then loads of bonus sites to access so you have plenty of content here.

Updates: 7/10

Updates are made, apparently, and news is well posted but there were no dates with the content to tell you when something new was added.

Originality & Exclusivity: 6/10

Some of the content here appears on other sites, outside of the network, as feeds; you may have seen some of it before elsewhere.

Extras: 8/10

You have good interactive features with ‘add to favourites’, ratings and comments plus the file converter for the movie formats.

Navigation: 4/5

navigation is easy and links are obvious. Some pages load slowly due to the amount of images on them.

Speed: 4/5

Files download at a decent 80kbps

Value: 8/10

Good value for money is assured with the quality of the main content and then the huge amount of bonus sites, some of which contain similarly themed action.

The B Factor: 7/10

Signing up for Bad Dads gets you access to a stock of some 38 dad movies and then plenty of other sites and genres. The 38 main ones feature twinks and older guys or simply older dads together; either way the site stays on course as far as its niche is concerned and you get plenty of all kinds of everything. It’s an easy to site to navigate and use, there are some good interactive options and the network news is posted regularly.

Overall Score: 74% Rate Gay Porn Review

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