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Bareback 101

48 screen cap galleries x 60
48 x 20 mins
Formats: MWV. QuickTime
Other Content:
Other Content
Cost Details:
$29.39 for 30 days (recurring)
$59.95 for 90 days (recurring)

Payment Options: Credit cards.
Maybe I am being picky but, after a while, I found the scenes at Bareback 101 to be repetitive. I liked them, they were good enough, but maybe I watched too many in one go. Take your time over Bareback 101 as it’s a good one to stick with and call back to.

You will get extra value for money with the Bareback 101 bonus sites and we will come back to them in due course. They also add some variety at Bareback 101 and you’d be well advised to switch between bonus content and the main content here, just to ease up on that repetition. You’ll also find a variety of guys with black and Latino boys in the general mix. The main Bareback 101 videos though stick to their same format of strip, kiss, suck and bareback fuck, usually in that order. You will find the occasional ‘story’ or build up and a mixture of indoor and outdoor locations used for background. Wherever the scene takes place you will have good camerawork, lots of close ups on the penetration which is always rubber-free, nice cum shots and a good all round quality.

Getting to see all the video content is nice and simple with two players in use and two qualities to choose from: from 48kbps @ 240 x 180 up to 732kbps @ 480 x 360. If you like you can stream the show in clips or download the full length, 15 to 20 minute episode without restrictions, which means you can keep them for as long as you want. Each episode comes with a set of reasonable screen-caps at 720 x 480 which can be opened individually or taken in a zip file. You see? Nice and simple.

So, good bareback movies and enough of them to keep you happy for a while but then you have the bonuses and extras. There is a promise somewhere of over 50 bonus sites but I could only find 10 on the Bonus page. There are adverts for other sites in the ‘Friends’ area but your real bonuses are the Latino, bi-sex, fetish, studs, twinks and all other kinds of hardcore in the 10 bonus sites. These come from the same makers as Bareback 101 so you will know the layout and how things work and you can expect the same good quality. They also have the same regular update schedule and you don't need to re-enter your membership details to access any of them. As they are all linked to one another you have no trouble moving around the network.

The guys help relieve the repetitiveness of the main videos here at Bareback 101 as does clicking around the bonus areas, which is where you get added value. Everything is well laid out and easy to access and, the most important thing is that you get your promised bareback scenes.

Click Here To Enter Bareback 101

Content Quality: 16/20

Though the movies follow a standard format you have good viewing options with three choices of quality. The screen caps are reasonable too.

Content Quantity: 14/20

You have 49 good bareback scene of around 20 minutes with a set of accompanying screen caps.

Updates: 8/10

The network is updated every couple of days and Bareback 101 gets its fair share of updates.

Originality & Exclusivity: 10/10

Even the bonus sites are exclusive to the company so this is all original content.

Extras: 8/10

Your extras are 10 bonus sites; and you can download the screen caps in zip files.

Navigation: 4/5

navigation is easy and the design is nice and simple.

Speed: 4/5

Downloads are at 86kbps

Value: 8/10

Again the bonus sites are where you value lies as 48 videos on their own wouldn’t justify the membership fee.

The B Factor: 7/10

The combination of bareback sex and cute twinks is a heady one and you get what you are promised here. The quality is fine, there are plenty of bonus sites to keep you amused and updates to all the sites you can access is regular. Screen-cap galleries may not be everyone’s cup of tea but the variety of sexy boys and the condom free anal scenes make up for this.