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Bareback Masters

over 82 scenes with dozens of photos in each. 1000
Formats: WMV, MOV
Other Content:
Director commentary, blog
Cost Details:
24.95/month recurring
34.95/month non recurring
59.95/3 months recurring
Payment Options: Credit Card
Anthony DeAngelo and Cameron Cruise have come together (several times probably) to produce a new and exciting bareback site. These two really are Bareback Masters and they know how to make great rubber free porn that excites and satisfies. The Bareback Masters tour may be a bit basic but you won’t worry abut that when you start to meet the models; there is a good gathering of sexy guys here and a nice variety too.

You will find the Bareback Masters members’ area to be nice and clear, simple and easy to use. The main menu is situated on the left and links are obvious. This is mainly a video driven site so that’s the place to go first. You find all kinds of scenarios with plenty of hunky guys including older men and bears. The leather daddies are a bit of a turn on. But whoever is appearing you are guaranteed plenty of bareback sex, just as promised.

I counted 104 videos during my visit and there is a new one posted every week, so a reasonably to good update schedule. Movies run for around 20 minutes each, a standard length, and the resolution was 720 x 480 @ 1600kbps. These were clear and visually good movies and the director knows how to get the best out of his models in each scene. You have plenty of long shots for the general action and loads of up close shots for the penetration and internal cum shots. Some videos strayed towards the amateur moviemaking side of things but these were just as enjoyable as the rest.

You only have the one choice of player, WMV, MOV, but all movies can be downloaded and kept as there are no DRM restrictions. These can be clips or full length downloads and there are two choices of speeds, so no one should have a long wait or a problem here. The accompanying video caps can be used to browse a scene before or during the downloading and the models’ individual pages are well worth checking out. Anthony and Cameron often put in their own comments and notes long with the models’ photo sets and individual images here are 400 x 1000 in size. There were 38 models when I viewed Bareback Masters and many are ordinary, everyday kind of guys when it comes to looks; I’d put them in the pushing-thirty age range.

As for extras, you have the blog to dip into – it’s entertaining and well written but that’s about all you do have. We are focusing on the bareback sex here so don't expect much else, no frills and not really any other extras. But you can’t complain as long as you know what you are getting. The director’s commentary on the videos is a great addition to what is a focused and in-niche bareback site.

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Content Quality: 16/20

Quality is good here, from the videos down to the screen caps everything is better than fine.

Content Quantity: 16/20

104 movies and 38 galleries is a reasonable amount of content but of course we’d like more.

Updates: 8/10

The Bareback Masters put something new up every week – content I mean!

Originality & Exclusivity: 9/10

All the content is exclusive and original.

Extras: 7/10

You have the benefit of a blog and a director’s commentary too.

Navigation: 5/5

No problems here, everything is there for easy navigation though a search engine would help.

Speed: 5/5

There is a good design and download speed at 1000kbps

Value: 9/10

This is good value for good content.

The B Factor: 7/10

These guys know what they are doing. There are two bareback masters in control of things here and they are your typical 30-something, sexy guys. There are plenty of other good looking hunks, jocks and bears involved too. It may not be an all singing all dancing site but Bareback Masters does contain really hot videos so that’s ok.