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Sub Categories:
61,000 + pics
Other Content:
Links to the videos on another site. Stories. Forum.
Bonus Sites:
CFNM TV for videos
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$39.95 for 30 days, recurring at $34.95
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Gallery click to enter CFNM
In case you were wondering, CFNM stands for Clothed Females, Nude Males, and that’s the subject matter here. This is an image driven site but it does let you get to videos on its partner site CFNM TV, and it also includes stories and a forum for true fans of the fetish.rnrnBut what exactly is that fetish, and will it appeal to gay men? Well, basically it’s when a man has to strip, or be stripped, and is humiliated and used by the clothed females. These girls tend to hunt in packs and there are some great scenes with many clothed girls and a very sexy, straight nudie boy. It will appeal to gay guys if only for the chance to see genuine straight guys getting knocked around, having their nipples clamped, being made to go nude in public and generally have everything laid bare for the world to see. And there are some very sexy str8 boys in here, and they come in all shapes and sizes, and they also cum quite a bit too.rnrnAs there is so much photo content here the galleries are arranged in six categories, these include auditions, and guys doing their bit for cash. Click a category and you will find a list of titles and numbers – these numbers link you to parts or pages of that gallery, and there are up to 18 sections in some cases. Galleries then come with a description and pages of small thumbnails, and these open to variously sized images, I found some at 1100 x 618 and others at 800 x 555, for example. Some are screen caps (good ones usually) from the TV site and others are digital galleries. It is a bit of a mix but there are always navigation buttons so it’s easy to browse through them.rnrnYou soon get used to the navigation here as it is by way of the side menu that leads to lists that lead to galleries, yet there is something basic about the design and they way it is all set up. The large images of the home page tend to lead to the video site and I get the feeling that you’re going to want to spend more time there. Not because the CFNM galleries are no good, but just because you will want to see these sexy str8 boys humiliated on video. There is a link to CFNM TV on your main menu and it opens a new window, so you can spend may horny hours popping back between the two places.rnrnSo, to answer my initial questions: CFNM is a fetish site about straight men getting stripped naked and humiliated by clothed girls – this sometimes involves gay sex, and it is always very sexy no matter what they are doing. And thus it will appeal to gay guys; so take a look and see what you think.rn

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Content Quality: 18/20

The images here click up to large and clear sizes. There is good lighting and camerawork involved and everything is fairly easy to access.

Content Quantity: 20/20

There are well over 60,000 individual images here taken from a large stock of galleries.

Updates: 8/10

Updates happen every three days or so, and there is a long page of update news. Recent updates are also featured on the home page so you are kept well informed.

Originality & Exclusivity: 10/10

This is all exclusive content and the subject is fairly original too.

Extras: 8/10

The site is all about galleries and photos, plus stories. But knowing that we also like videos, we are able to slip across to CFNM TV to see movies. You also have a forum and sets of stories.

Navigation: 3/5

There is a side menu which takes you to the gallery departments and the stories and, then you find a new top menu, with the basic links, appears when you are in a gallery. It’s not too hard to get used to this format.

Speed: 3/5

On there are no videos to download per se, though you have links to them via another site; but the pages were all quick to load, even when they contained loads of thumbnails.

Value: 7/10


The B Factor: 7/10

We like a site that knows its niche and knows what it is doing. Here you have good quality images that are on topic, and you have thousands of them too. We also like the regular update schedule and the way that you can get really involved with the forum etc.

Overall Score: 84% Rate Gay Porn Review

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