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Curious Hunks

144 galleries
Cost Details:
4.87/3 day trial (recurs at 39.73)

39.73/month recurring
Surely everyone is interested to see bi-curious men take that step and get down to some gay action. The guys at Curious Hunks are not necessarily hunks but we are told that they are trying out gay sex for the first time, so that should be fun to watch and there is a wide variety of guys taking part in the action.

Take a deep breath and plunge into the members’ area. It’s really busy. There’s an overwhelming amount of things to click and buttons to press, it can take a few moments to figure it out. I checked all the various menus and then decided to go for the side bar, top link to ‘galleries’. The first page here was twinks – not exactly the hunks of the title. The XXX Videos linked me to a page of feeds as did the Live Shows link. The Photo Albums is really an extension of the galleries area with more licensed images but this time there are loads of different categories to browse through. There weren’t exactly Curious Hunks in here, not even any straightforward straight guys that I could see, it’s all a bit of mess really. The Video Arcade and Erotic Stories are just extras and again don’t cover the curious straight to gay theme as promised.

This is clearly a site that has lost its way, if it ever had a way in the first place. There was nothing in here that suggested guys trying gay sex for the first time, in fact all the content was simply a collection of other people’s third party feeds – the kinds of things that come as extras on better, more original sites. Perhaps it is us who are supposed to be curious? Certainly the tour doesn’t match up to the members’ area and it is, in a word, misleading. For a bit of everything and nothing it’s ok, the images were a decent enough size, 468 x 700 and there were around 50 per set in each of the 144 galleries. Nothing new or original though.

You’ve probably got the message by now that I didn’t like this site. Curious Hunks promises one thing and then delivers something else. If it announced that it was ‘a collection of hired-in work by other people, a lot of which you may have seen on other sites, and that’s it’ then it would be more honest. So the advice is to think carefully before signing up and certainly to think very carefully before going for a recurring membership. You will find all kinds of everything and lots of it, but nothing original and nothing on the theme of straight guys turning gay for the first time. There are plenty more and better sites covering that niche available to you and I’d carry on looking if I were you.

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Content Quality: 10/20

Middle of the road quality only folks.

Content Quantity: 2/20

You won’t find any content that is on the promised theme.

Updates: 0/10

We couldn’t find any evidence of updates.

Originality & Exclusivity: 1/10

There is nothing exclusive here it’s all made up of licensed content and third party feeds.

Extras: 7/10

None of the extras relate to what Curious Hunks is supposed to be about; there are many extras though.

Navigation: 2/5

The design of the site is ok but that doesn’t help you get over the fact that there is nothing special in here.

Speed: 3/5

Streaming is reasonable.

Value: 1/10

You can’t really say that there is any value for money here.

The B Factor: 2/10

Many feeds for those who love them.