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Cyber Bears

670 galleries
Other Content:
A blog
Cost Details:
$5/5 day trial
$20.00/month recurring
$50.00/3 months recurring
90.00/6 months non recurring
160.00/12 months non recurring
You can’t have enough bear sites I say and there is a lack of good ones. How will Cyber Bears measure up? The tour doesn’t actually show you many bears and not many naked ones and it is rather basic, which doesn’t bode well for what’s to come. You can see how everything is laid out in the members’ area though, before you log in, so you should get a good idea of what to expect. You won’t be able to see the full content until you've joined though so don't get too excited.

Because the tour and the members’ area is the same thing you will still be asked to join once you have joined – something which is easy enough to ignore but a bit silly. The design, as you will see, is still very simple and basic. This makes navigation easy enough and there are links at the top and the right with the bears right in the centre of your screen.

These men are in their 20’ to 40’s and most look like amateur models. They are adorned with some serious chest hair and have that strong man, beary look that we were hoping for. There is a tendency towards leather fetish too as bears and harnesses seem to go paw in paw these days, so that should spark up some interest for you.

As with the design of everything else, the galleries are simple; you might even say basic. There is no information about anyone, just the guys’ names and upload date. Some men have more than one set of pics while others only make one appearance. You’ll see that there is a standard thumbnail to enlargement set up and individual images open in a pop up window. Galleries have around 100 pics per set and the guys are certainly worth viewing – what they have on offer makes up for the lack of design. Images appear in Flash so you can’t right click and save them, which is a shame as the quality is fine and images are up to 800 px in size. There were 280 of these galleries in the main bear section of Cyber Bears.

After the main area you can click to the Cub galleries and find around 150 sets of younger bear pics. The other two areas contain Latino daddies (rare and nice to find) and Daddy which has other kinds of dads and bears – each of these areas has over 100 galleries and each of the four main areas are updated every week.

There are videos but these are for sale so what you have are some sets of info and DVD covers only. There is a blog at Cyber Bears but it’s not your usual porn site style blog. This one is written by someone who isn’t trying to show off the site and sell you things – which is a nice change. It’s well written and entertaining and something you should see even if you don’t sign up. There is an AVS gallery link which takes you away from the site and doesn’t actually work so we’ll ignore that and the dating site (that’s not included in your membership) is Bear Party, a standard dating site with a fur twist.

Cyber Bears has been around for some time now and there are good and bad things about that: there is lots of content but, like the original gay porn sites, there are no videos. It’s photo only and today people expect videos. The quality is a bit rough around the edges too and it would be good to have either zip file downloads of the sets or some other way of actually collecting them.

So, good for viewing hot bears in photo galleries and good for updates. Not so good for video lovers or for collectors of images.

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Content Quality: 14/20

The quality of what you have here is ok, nothing special but fine.

Content Quantity: 20/20

Top marks for having so much content – there is loads of it.

Updates: 9/10

Each of the four sections at Cyber Bears has an update once a week.

Originality & Exclusivity: 10/10

Top marks again! This is all exclusive material.

Extras: 6/10

You don't really have many extras – there are four areas of photos and that’s it.

Navigation: 2/5

The design does look rather old fashioned

Speed: 0/5

Value: 8/10

Folk who collect images of bears will have a field day here and get value for money. Otherwise…

The B Factor: 8/10

Regular updates. Lots of photos.

Overall Score: 77% Rate Gay Porn Review

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