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Dads and sons

18 video cap galleries x 20 pics
18 movies x 15 minutes
Formats: WMV. Flash.
Cost Details:
$29.95 for 30 days (recurring)

$69.30 for 90 days (recurring)
No don’t panic! Don’t go rushing for the phone to call some and say you've discovered an incest site – Dads and sons, like us, knows perfectly well that this is fantasy. It’s probably going to be older models with younger ones is all – they’ve probably never met until they turned up for the shoot and they certainly aren’t real Dads and sons. It’s intergenerational fantasy time.

But is it believable? Well, yes, Dads and sons goes quite a long way to ensure the age gap and mix. An it’s not just the standard fantasy of older men with young boys on their arms. The dads play bottom too and there are plenty of sub-dads with their top twinks, as well as the more usual ‘boy beneath’ scenarios.

So, getting to your content: Dads and sons is linked above the category list on the top left menu – that will take you to the intergenerational content though the list of 97 sites (you have something of a bonus bonus site access list here) contains some that will have mature guys and some D&S action. There are around nine that promise more intergenerational action here.

Meanwhile in the Dads and sons category, the top left link one, you will find three episodes per page with over 18 to choose from. Not a huge amount and our scoring here is for this area and not the whole collection of bonus D&S content, if it were it would be much higher. Anyway, videos are easy to access, each one has a neat console with viewing options including streams in Flash or WMV downloads. There are no DRM restrictions here and there are two choices of quality: 257k @ 320 x 240 for old fashioned people and 1.06mb @ 512 x 384 for those who are more up to date with their connection. A calculator will tell you how long a download should take and there is a chance to convert the movie format to a different file type – a thing I can never get the hang of. All movies can be commented upon and rated, there are links to a DVD store for the hard copies and there is a favourites area to store your best bits in and come back to later.

After your D&S episodes there are 20 categories to browse through with more and varied gay sex on offer. There is a wealth of sites in use here and some may appear in more than one category, but it’s still gunna take you a long time to get through all of them – and to find those other Dads and sons themed sites along the way.

Click Here To Enter Dads and sons

Content Quality: 14/20

You have a choice of viewing qualities with the videos and these are good; the screen caps were a little on the small side though

Content Quantity: 14/20

The Dads and Sons area only had 18 movies and screen cap galleries but there is more of this genre content in the 90+ bonus sites.

Updates: 7/10

Update dates are not posted but you have news on what has recently been added to the sites in the whole network.

Originality & Exclusivity: 7/10

There is a mix of exclusive content and some which is licensed out and used as feeds – so you may have seen a little of it before.

Extras: 7/10

You will find the standard extras here

Navigation: 3/5

Navigation is straightforward and the design is simple though some back button use is necessary to escape galleries

Speed: 3/5

Downloads are at a reasonable 77kbps.

Value: 9/10

Although the main Dads and Sons area doesn’t hold much content yet the network has an outstanding amount of good quality material so you are getting good value for money.

The B Factor: 7/10

Nine out of 90 sites have intergenerational content. Easy to use site.

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