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Ebony D

219 Galleries x 50 pics
58 Movies x 20 minutes
Formats: Quicktime 6
Other Content:
58 screen cap galleries. 19 short stories/chapters. Create your own profile and hook up area.
Cost Details:
€18.95 for 30 days recurring
Ebony D takes an unusual approach to its members’ area as we’ll see. What you have here is interracial and ebony content and there is enough of it to keep you happy for a while. The neat thing is that you can register (inside the members’ enclosure) and create a profile in the manner of a dating/networking site. That gives Ebony D a fresh approach to the members’ area but it comes at a price. You can not download any videos, there is only one choice of player and one quality. It’s like the profile option has taken the site away from being a movie site somehow.

There are more galleries than there are movies anyway so maybe it’s not a great loss. What is lacking though is news about updates and when more content will be added. And, sad to say, there are some things that a standard members’ area would have that are lacking here. The choice of players is an obvious one though the Quicktime player will let you jump around the scene once it is fully buffered. You can’t go full screen either and there is no information about resolution and run times.

At times the quality is slightly poor but the movies do have a logical beginning, middle and end structure and the guys appearing were hot enough to satisfy. You won’t find descriptions of the scenes to come but there is a thumbnail image with each one to help you select what to view. There is some writing with whatever movie or galleries is being featured but that’s it. As with the videos there is no downloading and you can’t grab the images – another odd and unusual things for a members’ area. The main gallery images are fine in terms of quality and they are good to see, whereas the screen cap and video cap ones that were there were on the small and grainy side.

All that aside it is the profiles area that will hook you most. There were over 600 guys set up in Ebony D when I called in and this is one of those places where the more you put in the more you will get out. Make up your profile (you don't have to if you don’t want to) and hook up with other guys into ebony sex.

The only thing you have to weigh up is, is this profile and chat/hook up area worth the monthly fee? Especially if the updates are shaky and the content can only be viewed on line. I get the impression that Ebony D will soon start to grow and that the limited video and image content will be nothing more than extras – it is the profiles area that is the main thrust here and let’s hope it does well and builds.

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Content Quality: 15/20

The guys are great, the quality of videos and images is mid-range but acceptable.

Content Quantity: 15/20

There are 219 galleries plus screen caps. 621 guys were waiting in the profiles area. And I found 58 videos.

Updates: 4/10

It is really hard to tell what’s happening with updates. There are no promises and no news. There are no dates other than content listed for the month you are viewing.

Originality & Exclusivity: 10/10

This all looks exclusive to me and the profiles area is pretty original.

Extras: 9/10

You are unable to download the video and gallery content at Ebony D but there is a great personals area where you can get involved.

Navigation: 5/5

Drop down lists and the main menu make navigation easy and the design is cool.

Speed: 5/5

Value: 7/10

Check out the updates carefully in case the schedule falls down; but there is enough content here to keep you going for a good amount of time already.

The B Factor: 7/10

Overall Score: 77% Rate Gay Porn Review

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