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First Auditions

Formats: WMV
Other Content:
Interviews. Additional scenes
Cost Details:
$39.95 for the first 30 days, rebilling at $34.95 every 30 days thereafter
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I've just got back from watching a cute Greek guy jerk his cock for me and now I have to decide which country to go to next. The neat thing for me about First Auditions has always been the variety of the guys. You will find long pages here but once they have loaded for the first time they don’t take too long to load up when you come back to them. If you click the small thumbnail option you'll find all 600+ men with tiny face pics, but this is a good way to sort your guys by country. We start in Afghanistan and end up in Zimbabwe; it’s a kind of Around the world in 80 days of solo jack off scenes. (With some having other scenes where the model is touched up, his ass is penetrated, or he goes a bit further. And when he goes on to do other work for the company, you get links to those scenes too.) So you've got over 600 guys from 60 countries, and the interesting thing is that there are not too many from the USA. There are a lot from the UK and other European countries and some very unusual countries to – Iran for example. So plenty of variety in the guys. Which is good because the actual scenes themselves are rather repetitive. You have an interview with the guys, which is interesting, then a video of a full physical examination, sometimes something more hardcore, and then the solo jerk scene. These were where things got a bit repetitive, the ones I saw, and I saw quite a few, took place in the same room and it was rather sterile and like someone’s office. The guy flicked through a magazine, then jerked, often stood up and squirted his load. But for the voyeur factor that works, and if you've ever wanted to see a Lithuanian shoot… But I do have to say that the filming makes for variation with close ups and long shots, some chat, natural sound and good lighting, There are two qualities of WMV to stream or download and these are fine – even the lower one is acceptable at 394kbps @ 480 x 270, though the higher one is, of course, much clearer. The galleries are pretty impressive too. They only hold about 30 pics each but these click up to a good size, 1200 x 675, and are nice and clear. There are slideshows and easy navigation. To my mind the site works best when you a) check out and find a guy you like the look of from the face pic on the larger images page, 2) read his short write up and click to his interview. 3) Listen to the interview, 4) watch the physical examination and then finally 5) watch the ‘ejaculation’ test to finish off with. This is the natural progression of the proceedings and it works well. Those hungry for the nude jerk scenes can leap straight to them but you will be missing out. First Auditions is a grand site for first time on cam guys – straight and gay and from all over the world. It’s a multicultural hotbed of wank sessions but there is more to it than that. It’s a great collection of ordinary guys doing extraordinary things and it’s a place to stay with, view new guys each week, get to know them and then apply to be one yourself.

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Content Quality: 17/20

You've got a good to high quality WMV file chosen for you to stream or download plus a lower quality one for slower connections. The guys are varied, the layout and design is original and the gallery images are big and clear.

Content Quantity: 20/20

No one is going to say there isn’t much content here! There are over 630 individual guys, each with videos, interviews and galleries so that’s hours’ worth of solo entertainment, with some help along the way from other guys.

Updates: 9/10

You can expect two new guys each week here and there is a good page of the latest updates to check through – where you will see eight to ten new scenes each month.

Originality & Exclusivity: 10/10

All exclusive is one thing but the design of the model index, by country and with large or small thumbnails, or with simply names, is very original.

Extras: 7/10

There are no bonuses or extras other than links but you do have interviews with the guys and some text descriptions too. Be sure to look out for additional things such as the ‘deflowered’ and ‘touched up’ scenes.

Navigation: 4/5

Navigation is fine – the country list is great, a link back to home on each guy’s video page would be handy though you get to it by going back through the guy’s main pages.

Speed: 4/5

The transfer rate was around 75kbops which is average to slightly above.

Value: 8/10

The B Factor: 9/10

For us, the things that really shine here are many: the design of the model index, the variety of the guys and countries that they come from, and the sheer amount of content, none of which is to be sniffed at! And then you have a couple of new guys each week, interviews and total physical examinations.