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Frat Pad

Thumbnails and boys’ galleries
288 + live show recordings
Formats: Flash
Other Content:
Live show and chat, antics section, blog
Cost Details:
$39.95 - 30 days non recurring
$36.95 - 30 days recurring at $19.95
$69.95 - 90 days non recurring

Payment Options: Credit Card, Online Check, Phone Billing
You have three things for the price of one at FratPad. You have a reality show with a live house and sexy guys living in it, you have the house itself and you have a live cam/chat site all rolled into one. The main guys are cute, athletic and full of get up and go so you’re in for a lively time when you join the frat party.

The tour is a refreshing change from the norm. One after the other 20 small video screens started up and played, showing me who was to be found inside the members’ area. There is also a pretty unique way of taking you through the tour with a calming video of a beach scene with the day’s schedule on it. That schedule was made up of 13 hours of live shows. And you also find out that you get to see the boys doing what comes naturally: sleeping, getting dressed, showering, having sex…

Actually FratPad offers up to 14 hours of live shows a day and the schedule is here also on the members’ homepage. The right menu takes you to various goodies such as chat, the shows’ archives, emails, blogs and articles. The chat area there is so you can communicate with other members while you view the current live show. The archive holds the reruns and the ‘Antics’ area contain some short videos of the boys playing around generally. There is also a private area for you to go one to one with your favourite frat boy.

Checking the chat area I got in touch with a guy called Calvin, one of the frat boys. He was with a mate in the garage doing some chores, though naked. The movie/screen played at 640 x 480 and the quality was fine – comparable to other live show sites at least; and the sound was clear too. I then met Diego and he had a chat to me while in the swimming pool, (him, not me) then I went back to the house and found Calvin again. This time he was fooling around with the other guys and it wasn’t long before the clothes were off and the cocks were hard.

This is not what you expect from a cam site! There are no knackered young guys sitting around a booth with a keyboard and trying to stifle their yawns. These Frat boys are enthusiastic and don’t mind just ‘being’ while naked. You really do get to feel involved and part of something unique – which is what FratPad is. You never know what’s up next; someone ironing, someone jacking off, someone taking a shower, nude in the kitchen, soaping up, or a couple having a jerk-off race. It’s fresh and original and great fun. Oh and addictive too!

Of course these boys can’t be expected to do this 24.7 so they are not always live – hence the schedule. But when they are off air you have over 290 archived shows to view. These come out as the same size and quality as the live ones and you can choose from them by model or by date. The length is good too and they all have the frat boys appearing in them, sometimes with the webmaster. Sadly these are stream movies only, though there are some downloadable contributions in the ‘Antics’ area.

So here you are at a fantastic place to see real guys, really nude, really sexing it up and all live on camera. When they are off duty you have previous recordings to view, the quality is fine and you get what you are promised. There are also some extras to catch. In a word, fantastic.

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Content Quality: 14/20

The live streaming is of a good enough quality to make for a decent view; the recordings are the same quality –fine.

Content Quantity: 16/20

There were over 290 archived shows plus 10 to 14 hours of no-stop live streaming shows every day. There are some more videos in another area of the site too.

Updates: 9/10

Plenty of new content every day with the live action plus a recording added every couple of days.

Originality & Exclusivity: 10/10

It’s all exclusive, original and great fun here!

Extras: 8/10

Chat, a blog, recordings, extra hardcore videos and easy contact with the house and webmaster.

Navigation: 4/5

The design is very simple and yet everything is easy to use and find.

Speed: 5/5

There is a great download speed of up to 1.2 Mbps.

Value: 8/10

The price might look more costly than most but you are paying for hours of live shows a day and originality.

The B Factor: 9/10

We loved the live shows and the friendliness of the boys – and their sexy bodies of course. Fratpad is honest, easy to use, exclusive and non-stop.

Overall Score: 83% Rate Gay Porn Review

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