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Freshman X sets out to do what many other sites do these days; to find genuine amateur models, guys who have never stripped on camera before, and to put them in exclusive videos and galleries. So you might be wondering, ‘Why this one?’ Well, it would be in danger of being just another amateur site were it not for the quality of the guys who appear. There are many sites with amateur guys which are, quite frankly, hardly sexy at all. This one is different. The boys tend to be mainly young twinks and jocks, though we’re not looking at hard-bodied porn stars, but simply at young guys earning a buck by being filmed jacking off; or going all the way with another surprisingly horny young man. So you know you are going to get amateur content, but this doesn’t mean that it is made in an amateur way. For a start the company has found guys who fit really well together, for the action scenes, and guys who are new and yet natural in front of a camera. They must do some good preparation work with them as not many that I saw came over as nervous. There wasn’t much of that looking to camera ‘to see what I do next’ kind of stuff; simply two guys making out as if they’d known each other for years. (Maybe they had!) Or a solo guy showing us his jerk-technique and splashing a wad for us. The filming and presentation quality remains high through all of these scenes. There is only a choice to stream in Flash – big screen – or to download a large WMV file for each one, but what comes out at the end is very well worth waiting for. I've got to mention the update schedule. There’s a really friendly welcome message which tells you that something new comes along every day except Sundays, so that’s six new ‘somethings’ every week – be they videos or galleries, or even new models. You can easily see what’s new from the home page and you are always told what date a piece of content was added – Freshman X is a very honest site. Although you are able to rate content and run slideshows for the galleries, and use ‘jump-to’ lists for the pics, there is no comments facility or a favourites area. Maybe they are planned for the future as the site grows, which is surely will do with six updates a week. But for now you should be happy in the knowledge that you’re going to find very sexy young guys here and that they will all be original, and that the content won't be found anywhere else. Compared to other amateur model sites, this one is heading to the top of the ‘must see’ list.

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Content Quality: 16/20

No problems with quality here: you can view pics in three resolutions and movies are DVD quality. The filming is good too and there is absolutely nothing to complain about with the models!

Content Quantity: 12/20

The site is very quickly building its content count with six updates per week. So already the numbers here are out of date, but there are over 110 photo sets and over 110 movies. There are at least 82 models in the cast list so far.

Updates: 9/10

I guess ten out of ten would be daily, this is every day except Sundays but you can’t blame them for taking a day off. It’s a good and regular update schedule with dates published for everything.

Originality & Exclusivity: 9/10

Filming amateur guys is nothing new but the content here is all exclusive and there are some very good looking boys from next door, guys from the office and youthful, twenty-something’s that you won't have seen before.

Extras: 5/10

Your only real extra is the model index which brings you basic stats and links to videos and galleries. You can rate content and you are encouraged to write in via the contacts page with comments and suggestions.

Navigation: 4/5

The site is very simple to navigate around, with a simple top menu and well designed pages. Galleries have forward and back buttons and slideshows and you can easily get home again from any page.

Speed: 4/5

The download speed was around 80kbps; I've seen faster and slower so this is mid range.

Value: 7/10

The B Factor: 7/10

It’s the quality of the guys, the fact that they are fresh and new, and the fact that this is all exclusive content that makes Freshman X a great place to hang out. More interactive options wouldn't go amiss but we’re very impressed with the update schedule.

Overall Score: 73% Rate Gay Porn Review

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