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Formats: WMV. MOV.
Other Content:
Extra DVDs. Model index
Cost Details:
$24.94 per month recurring
$59.37 every 90 days recurring
Is it possible to rave about only ten scenes and no recent updates? Yes, in this case it is. There is something about Gay Creeps which grabs you and makes you want to stay. Actually there are several things: First off I like the design and that is more important that it might sound. You should not have any trouble moving around the site, there is nice information and well crafted pages are everywhere. This means that it is going to be very easy for you to get to the content that you want to see – which is actually on your home page. But when you then click to a movie you find all your viewing options in one place, links to galleries, and other videos the site suggests, and everything technical works smoothly and well. And then you get to the scenes themselves. These work. It’s as simple as that. You've got this basic premise that the gay guys here are living, or rooming, with a straight dude and they’ve always hankered after him. And rightly so – both the instigators and the ‘victims’ are hot in each scene. So the camera follows our main man silently as he approaches his sleeping roommate; the straight boy carries on sleeping as he is fiddled with, undressed and then played with. The gay guy may rub his dick in his mate’s face, or jerk off over him, but eventually the straight boy will wake up… and by then it’s too late. He’s been made hot and horny and he needs to bust a nut, even if that is with his gay room mate. As I say, it works. And the filming is good, the quality is neat, the guys are well put together and you get decent length scenes, with well stocked galleries to go with. You can check out the 10 guys in the model index where you get a few stats and links to each one’s episode(s). And then you can click the ‘categories’ link at the top of your pages to find the categories the main Gay Creeps movies fall into, and below this another set of eight categories that your bonus DVDs fall into. There are also adverts and links to up-sell dating and chat sites at the top of the pages, which we cold do without, a good search engine and easy ways to jump around categories and guys with drop down lists. A little more news on what’s happening here, if there will be updates soon, and perhaps some more interactive options (rates, comments, forum) and we’d really be even happier than Gay Creeps already makes us.

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Content Quality: 18/20

The quality of the filming is great here; not only are the resolutions good, but there is atmosphere, storylines, you follow a progression and the sounds is spot on. The guys are also pretty perfect and the images are big and clear and digital. The design and navigation is also well thought out so you’re getting a professional service all round.

Content Quantity: 10/20

Ok, so the site is new and we’ve only got 10 movies so far. But… and it’s a big but… there are also very well stocked galleries and screen caps too, and you will find access to a large number of non-exclusive DVDs to view with your membership; and the site promises to update and grow.

Updates: 7/10

To be honest we’re not sure about updates as the content was all added in January and February of this year – and it looks like nothing new has come along since. But that’s because the site is new, so keep your eyes out for more content in time. And we are told the update dates so it’s easy to check.

Originality & Exclusivity: 10/10

What there is here in your main area is nicely exclusive and very original. The scenes are believable which makes them work all the better, and although there are non-exclusive DVDs to view at well, these are not the main reason for joining, they are real bonuses though.

Extras: 8/10

And there are many of these extra DVDs, in all kinds of genres, so that’s a good value for money addition. But you've also got good information about the scenes and guys, a model index and lots of good design functions to make your experience here are memorable one.

Navigation: 5/5

There are no problems with moving around inside this site at all – a simple top menu guides you and all links and texts are easy to read and work perfectly. It’s a good design.

Speed: 5/5

The download speed was at around 100kbps, which is nice and fast and you can take clips or full scenes quickly enough.

Value: 7/10

You can take the offer of a ‘free pass’ if you want, but watch out for what may be attached to it. The other prices are shown in cents per day, which is a little annoying, but they work out at around the standard for an exclusive adult site, so that’s ok; as long as the site keeps building.

The B Factor: 8/10

The thing that does it for me here is the atmosphere of the scenes. They hark back to our youthful days when we shared a room with a hunk and always wanted to… well, you know. It’s also good quality, well made, the guys are hot, it’s easy to navigate and use and the main scenes are exclusive.

Overall Score: 78% Rate Gay Porn Review

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