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After hearing how much I’ve come to love Hentai, a friend of mine suggested I check out this site, Gay Hentai XXX. I’m glad he did! Even before moving on to the next page, I knew I was hooked. Altogether there were 5 pages with some site samples. I must have spent a few minutes on each Gay Hentai XXX page looking at the drawings! I’m impressed with the amount of detail that goes into each piece of art, the fine lines, the color schemes! OK, it wasn’t just that, actually the huge, toon cocks shooting their hot loads all of the place, the cock gun (gives a whole new meaning for me now when I think about guns being ‘cocked’) and the muscular bodies also had something to do with it.

I went into the member’s area, typed in Hentai, click on the search button and right away I was supplied with 4 hits! The first one that got my attention was Cartoon Superstars. My next choice was Comic Heroes. One click and another window opened with pages of gay comic pics. All of them showed up as thumbs, but instantly got bigger once I clicked on them – some of them almost took up the full screen! I could also navigate around the Gay Hentai XXX pictures to ensure that I saw it all! I saved some of them to my computer, and there is one that I just love so I made it into my background!

I’d like to share one of my favorite series from this site with you. Under House of Morecock, you will find ‘Fucked by the Devil’. I loved it! I’ve saved the whole set to my computer. One of my favorite drawings if of the Devil getting his ass hammered by a hot, gorgeous ebony Angel! And yes, this is the one that is on my desktop as a background!

Site navigation is very easy, the main categories are on the member’s page, one click and you are there, or you can just type in a key word or two in the search and go about it that way. I like when a site is simple to use. I don’t like having to hunt all over the place, trying to find where I want to go. All the images are incredible! The details that go into them are just amazing!

If you are interested in Hentai and/or Anime, then Gay Hentai XXX is definitely must! Even if it isn’t something you think you’d like, check it out – you will be totally amazed with this site!

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Content Quality: 18/20

Great content in incredible detail

Content Quantity: 17/20

Lots of content that fits the niche perfectly

Updates: 7/10

Regular updates

Originality & Exclusivity: 8/10

All of the niche content is original and exclusive to this site

Extras: 6/10

Some bonus sites, but that's it

Navigation: 3/5

Easy, but would like to see an always visible side or top bar

Speed: 4/5

Nice and fast

Value: 8/10

Definitely well worth the price of admission!!

The B Factor: 9/10

The fine details and commitment to the art!