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Gays Fuck Guys

Formats: AVI
Cost Details:
€21.68 for 30 days recurring
€54.07 for 90 days recurring
€25.21 for 30 days non-recurring
€54.07 for 90 days non-recurring
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Gallery click to enter Gays Fuck Guys
On the one hand you have a fairly fresh approach to an old theme here: straight guys going gay. But there isn’t much to let us know if these are genuine straight boys, or bisexual ones or even gay guys pretending to be straight. Some more chat and build up would help here. But you do have a slowly growing collection of original scenes and great galleries, and some very juicy men to drool and cum over. You'll find the members’ area (why must I log in twice?) very easy to use once you are there. You have a simple, small, home page and links off to equally as small gallery and video pages. Click a sample pic of what you want to see to get to the main content. The gallery thumbnails are tiny which makes it hard to see what you are about to open. And, when you do open a pic you then find you have to click back to the thumbnails to open another. There are zip file downloads to help you here but no slideshows to guide you through the sets. At full magnification the images come out at 1000x 1505 in size which is pretty huge and yet they retain their quality and are clear and focused. Videos come as clips and full length scenes, but not always together. I found the scene cut in to three of four segments, with the older movies, and full length versions for the more recent ones. You only have the choice of AVI here, which means you will need the appropriate software to handle it - and a link to where you can find it would be useful. It's not the most common form of player on adult sites and not to everyone’s taste either. You only have the one choice of quality too, though it’s decent enough and you can’t stream, but everything must be downloaded before you can view it. Those things aside, what you do have are exclusive scenes and some great looking, ordinary amateur guys, there’s plenty of hot sex, some very strange costumes at times, not sure what that’s about, and hours’ worth of horny viewing ahead of you. Some of the hornier moments came when the guys remained dressed, which might sound a bit odd. But there’s something erotic about seeing a cock poking through jeans and into a straight guy’s ass – as if the sex was happening illicitly somewhere and the top guy wanted to keep his pants on in case they were caught. But you may find that your membership to this one site – in a large network of all kinds of porn – is a bit thin on the ground, content-wise. So you should consider taking the Network sign up offer. This way you will have three gay sites, and loads of straight ones, to view. It’s a good network the content is rewarding but we’d like to see some more interactive options and news.

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Content Quality: 17/20

The images click up to a great size and retain their digital quality which is good, though their thumbnails are tiny. The videos are fine too with good filming techniques. The site is easy to use and has a simple design which is effective.

Content Quantity: 13/20

We’re not too hot on quantity here as yet, with more galleries than videos, but the updates appear to be regular and there is the promise of more to come. You’ve got 57 galleries with hundreds of pics in each and 28 full length video scenes.

Updates: 6/10

There is a mention of the most recent update on your members’ home page but I didn’t see any other dates on the site. So, I can only guess that the site updates regularly, and when I saw it a couple of months back it had less content, so that bears that out.

Originality & Exclusivity: 7/10

This isn't a particularly original theme, straights getting ass fucked by other guys, but the gay men being on top of the straight ones makes for a bit of a change. The content though is exclusive to the network.

Extras: 4/10

You have zip file downloads for your galleries but that’s about it for extra functions. There are no slideshows, little information, not much choice of viewing options and no interactive features.

Navigation: 4/5

Navigation, like the site design, is very simple. You will always get back home or to the main lists. The galleries though open pic by pic so it’s a question of open and close all the way.

Speed: 4/5

The download speed is standard at around 75kbps.

Value: 6/10

My advice here is to sign up for the network rather than just the one site. This way you will get access to two other gay sites that are exclusive, and a lot of straight porn that you can ignore – all call into to see more straight-boy cock. The sign up fee for just one site could be considered a little high.

The B Factor: 6/10

With more content, more interactive features and more news, Gays Fuck Guys would be much improved. But we like the ordinary looking str8 boys who are on the receiving end of a hard gay cock, and we like the quality of the content. Navigation is easy and everything technical worked well.