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Giant Gay Cocks

Six galleries x 50 pics
10 featured video feeds
Formats: MWV. Quicktime. Flash. Real One.
Other Content:
Two interactive feeds. Links to Live and Chat sites.
Cost Details:
$1.85 for a three day trial (recurring at $39.98 per month)
$29.99 for one month (recurring)

Payment Options: Credit cards. Checks.
Well, this might end up reading like a bit of a road crash. What you have at Giant Gay Cock is a very busy tour and an equally busy members’ area where you can find loads of third party feed sites. There are also a couple of bonus sites that carry the same feeds as the ones you've already got and a few exclusive episodes thrown in. There are some general galleries and links to other sites that you must pay to join, some comics, and there you have it. But a little more detail:

Well, actually a little less detail… With a site with the title of Giant Gay Cock you might expect to find some mightily hung guys, and you might have thought that perhaps there was a certain feed site that featured really hung guys and that all that was put in a special area. That’s not quite what happens here. You may very well find some well hung guys in some of the feed sites, it’s just that there isn’t any specific one, and it's up to you to go hunting for them. Along the way, you'll find some good quality content from the likes of Paul Morris and Rear Stable, and you'll find that some of these companies have their own material with hunks and studs peppering their video pages. This is exclusive to the companies that make them, but there are thousands of other adult sites out there that use the same feeds. Basically, at Giant Gay Cocks we’re talking 80% feeds 20% other bits and pieces.

Those other things include a link to Gay Hitchhiker and Super Twink, (Oh lord!), and these sites have their own content, limited though it is. There's also a little confusing message on your home page which tells you that you have access to over 96 bonus sites for free, but I couldn't find anywhere near that many. When you go to one of the feed sites that Giant Gay Cocks is mainly made up of you will usually find that you can choose between bandwidths and media players fro the movies. The plus point here is that you can access the Elite Series of feeds. In each of these there are 20 scenes. The Elite Series also features various genres. These feeds are updated too, so you should find something new to come back to from time to time. A lot of the other feeds will also have their own updates and you shouldn't go short on general non-exclusive content. But bear in mind that you can very rarely download any of this content so don't expect to be filling up your home computer with new videos.

Also, be sure to check the terms and conditions when you sign up. The trial offer may give you limited resources and recurs at a higher monthly rate than the reasonably priced monthly option; without the latter one you can explore everything. Yes, you'll find some good hot sex and some very nice looking guys. There are good images in the galleries, and there is some exclusive material on those bonus sites, but as for the giant cocks, well...

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Content Quality: 10/20

There are around 30 feed sites to access here, though more are promised. And you have only six image galleries.

Content Quantity: 16/20

There are some good quality feed sites to view here.

Updates: 7/10

Many of the feed sites update on a regular basis. The main galleries though have not had updates for some considerable time.

Originality & Exclusivity: 4/10

You will find some exclusive content in the bonus areas, but not with the feed sites.

Extras: 4/10

There are just a few links to pay to join cam and chat sites, and some stories.

Navigation: 4/5

Moving around inside Giant Gate Cock is not difficult. There is a limited amount of pages, many things open in new windows so you don't lose your home page.

Speed: 4/5

When you do find a download. It is at a reasonable speed.

Value: 5/10

There is nothing very original here and no special area for big and hung guys. So not great value in that respect.

The B Factor: 6/10

You are able to access some reasonable feed sites.