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Girls Abuse Guys

Formats: WMV
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Gallery click to enter Girls Abuse Guys
First of all let me say that this site comes across as really being for a) straight folk, and b) for anyone who is into the fetish of girls being on top. It’s all about sexy younger and smooth guys (mainly) being abused anally with toys. There are two girls per scene so some lesbian sex is also involved, and one good looking guy. The girls abuse the boys, tease them and knock them around a bit before trying out their big black dildos on them. And the boys appear to love it – and so will you if you don’t mind girlie action in your movies and galleries. The content is well made, there is no disputing that. You also have a choice of viewing or downloading scenes in their entirety or in decent length clips. These are HD movies so expect resolutions up at 3.19Mbps @ 820 x 460 in size. This means buffering may be an issue if you are on a slow connection, but it also means top quality visuals and sound, even at full screen. Your movies each have a title with such things as: Pizza Boy, Stripper Abused and Captive – that last one involves a sling by the way, so we are really getting into the realms of S&M as well as guy-manipulation and female domination. The scenes do tend to take a similar progression: two girls alone to start with, guy enters, guy gets abused, guy is made to suck dildo, guy gets fucked, guy shoots his load; usually. But that doesn’t mean they get repetitive, far from it, they are all as horny as each other, they stay on niche and the variety of girls and boys makes each one feel different. There is a model index to browse though but this shows you only the girls, not the men. The galleries are easy to handle. There are thumbnail pages leading to full sized images that come with slideshows and jump-to lists as well as simple navigation buttons. The whole site is simple to navigate actually and you won’t find yourself getting lost. The only problem I had came when I tried to access the forum – I was given a coded error message which made me think that the gallery was temporarily off line. There is a contact form where you can get in touch with the help desk if you have a similar problem. The design is neat and tidy here too with just enough text to get you interested, good and clear sample pics and easy to follow links. So, if you’re up for a well made site that stays with its main niche of females dominating cute males, then Girls Abuse Guys is gunna be for you.

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Content Quality: 18/20

Apart from being well made, the videos here are also in high definition format. The sound is good, and the image quality is clear. Gallery images click up to a good 533 x 800 in size and are digital and clear.

Content Quantity: 10/20

Ok, so this is a small and new-ish site but the content is quite rare and there’s a decent amount for such a small niche.

Updates: 6/10

It looks like you’re in for a new update every week with dates being posted with content on the home page and individual content pages.

Originality & Exclusivity: 10/10

This is all exclusive content and it’s a fairly original theme – that of girls using dildos on men.

Extras: 5/10

You have access to a forum here and a model index of the girls only.

Navigation: 5/5

This is a very simple site to move around, the links are clear and they all work fine – apart from the forum link which was down when I was visiting.

Speed: 4/5

The download transfer speed was around the 85kbps mark, which is standard to high.

Value: 5/10

The B Factor: 6/10

What’s good here is that the fetish of girls abusing guys is kept to and well played out, the site concentrates more on the girls than the boys though, so gay guys need to watch out – but the men are really cute and you want to help them out. The movies and galleries are also exclusive which adds to their attraction.