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Horny Boy

300+ Galleries x 120 photos
180+ Movies x 10 minutes
Formats: WMV
Other Content:
Two video feeds. 25 exclusive toon sets. 53 stories. Reviews. Fitness pages. Links. Editorials. Forum.
Cost Details:
30 Days - $29.95 (recurring)
30 Days - $39.00 (non-recurring)
90 Days - $59.00 (recurring)
90 Days - $69.00 (non-recurring)

Payment Options - Credit cards. EU Direct Pay.
Those who can do, and those who can’t sign up to Horny Boy and watch those who can, doing it. Self-sucking that is. But there is more than autofellatio going on in the neatly designed pages of the members’ area. There are various other kinks and fetishes explored too on Horny Boy, and on top of the exclusive videos and galleries you have other related content.

Starting with the galleries, you will find six areas from self-suck, through hardcore to screen caps and cartoons. There is also a ‘Kinky’ area in Horny Boy which has loads more self sucking and cum eating galleries within it. Each gallery has a short description and its upload date and images click up to various sizes. There are also screen caps to be viewed so you can see parts of the videos that are on offer in the movies section. All in all the galleries were great to see, good quality and there are some really kinky things going on.

Same goes for the videos where you’ll find all kinds of hot and horny activity. Straightforward hardcore, guys working out nude, fit jocks with really hung cocks are just the start of it. Self-sucking is there of course, with some very acrobatic youths showing us the pleasures of blowing your own load in your own mouth. There is more cum eating, plenty of twink masturbation, straight boys jerking off and group scenes. It’s a mixed bag of original and exclusive videos that you can simply download. There are no streaming options and the download speeds are excellent as expected. You won’t have seen these scenes before and the quality was generally fine.

But then you have to move on to the extras which are actually not really extras as they are also exclusive. You have a section on keeping fit and that’s the kind of addition to a site that you don’t find very often. The same goes for the editorials, which are articles and thoughts on all kinds of subjects. Even the erotic short stories are exclusive and stay on the various fetish themes that Horny Boy is exploring. Same goes for the toons, the comic strips that you can view. And then, if you want to be interactive you can join in the discussions at the forum.

So, you have all kinds of things to see and do here with the art of the self-suck being at the heart of it. Over all the quality of Horny Boy productions was good, the filming was fine, the photography was great. It’s a real treasure-trove of hard to find fetish content that gets updated regularly and it is a place that has its mind on its members. You can join in the fun, or simply view the hot content. Either way this is a site to view whether you are interested in self-sucking or not as the guys are all horny to a man.

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Content Quality: 14/20

Quality of productions is good and there are some great images and clips to collect. The boys are hot and varied; the extras are also good quality and you have no quality worries here.

Content Quantity: 17/20

There is a good stock of content here with not only loads of galleries and clips to view but toons, stories, editorials and lots of other extras which help boost the content count.

Updates: 9/10

The date content was loaded is to be found in the index pages and there is a message of the ‘coming soon’ ilk on the homepage. Updates certainly look regular.

Originality & Exclusivity: 10/10

You do well for exclusivity here as even the extras, such as stories and toons are exclusive and all on subject too.

Extras: 10/10

Horny Boy is stocked with inventive, fun and horny extras: comics, editorials, forums, stories and links give you more things to play with and do while you wait for more updates.

Navigation: 5/5

This is a simply designed site with a dark blue background and an obvious links list making navigation easy. The text is clearly written and links are easy to find.

Speed: 4/5

Download speeds were quite fast as expected.

Value: 8/10

10 You have a standard monthly (recurring) fee for a lot of good content and nice extras here; the 90 days recurring fee is even better value for money.

The B Factor: 10/10

Horny Boy lets you view some very hard to find content and it sticks to its niche; or niches.

Overall Score: 87% Rate Gay Porn Review

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