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Hung Latin Guys

27 Galleries x 60 pics
180 Movie clips x 1.5 minutes
Formats: WMV
Other Content:
Personals area.
Cost Details:
$12.95 for 30 days, non-recurring

Payment Options: Credit cards.
You have to look at Hung Latin Guys in two ways; on the one hand you have a personals area, where you can upload profiles and pictures and meet other guys interested in Latinos, and on the other hand you have a set of standard videos and galleries to view. The membership fee is not very high at all but then there is not much news about updates. So it's hard to say whether you're paying a small amount for a personals site or a reasonable amount for a set of videos and pics. Either way we have sexy Latinos at the heart of things here, so let's take a look.

Hung Latin Guys is turning out to be a bit of a double-edged sword. Again on the one hand you have a members area which looks the same as the tour so you now what you are getting, but then again you still find things like ‘Join’ buttons an ‘Members area’ links, which can be a bit confusing. Once you're a member in and inside ‘Home’ will take you to the tour again and ‘Members area’ will take you back to the members’ area homepage. And this homepage is the beginning of the photo selection. Galleries are not that well stocked but the image quality is fine and you have a choice of two sizes in which to view them. All of these photos can be saved to your computer, and just like you might hope for, the guys here are all hung and Latino. There are totally sexy young guys here, including twinks and jocks, and I imagine that none of them have a cock that’s under 8 inches in length. I would be very interested to get in there with a tape measure and find out for myself. If only.

Hung Latin Guys also features three movies, at least it did when I visited, and these are cut down into clips. This means you have around 180 clips, but they only run for one and a half minutes each. Again on the upside these are very quick to download, but on the downside they’re a bit too short and you will need to find some way of downloading loads and then joining them together to see a full-length scene. They are filled with hard-core fucking action though, and they contain very well hung and good-looking Latino guys.

Along with this video and picture content you have a personals area. This runs in the same way as other personals sites, but it is exclusive to Hung Latin Guys. This means when you join in you can find other guys with similar interests to yourself. There were already over 1,000 members when I visited, all you have to do is register for free, login and then start uploading your profile and pictures.

The personals area of Hung Latin Guys is a really great idea and something that you don't see on many other sites. It's nice to know that when you are offered ‘free chat and personals’ that you're actually getting it included in your membership. The videos and galleries are a good addition to a nice site that is relatively unique, and the content quality, particularly the photos, stands up well. A little more update news would go a long way.

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Content Quality: 10/20

Image quality is good, although the movies are of a lower resolution that the photos.

Content Quantity: 8/20

There are three full length movies here divided up into 180 clips. There are over 1,000 members in the personals area.

Updates: 0/10

I found no news about updates and dates were not added with the content.

Originality & Exclusivity: 5/10

It's hard to say if anything is exclusive here, although the personals area certainly is.

Extras: 8/10

Again the personals area comes to the rescue. It is in-house. There are plenty of members, and it is in-niche.

Navigation: 3/5

Hung Latin Guys is neatly designed and navigation is not a problem, except for the ‘home’ and ‘members area’ links.

Speed: 2/5

Downloads were not fast at 40k but the file sizes are small.

Value: 8/10

The low-priced membership reflects the fact that there is not much content here, and yet there is a good personals area so you get value there.

The B Factor: 8/10

There are some cute and very well hung Latin guys here and a great personals area