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Jock Piss

45 galleries
25 movies
Formats: WMV, Quicktime
Cost Details:
29.95/month recurring
34.95/month non recurring

Payment Options: Credit Card, Phone
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Jock Piss is a site that features cute guys pissing. There are a variety of peeing locations in use with public pissing, outdoor pissing, and plenty of in the toilet pissing. We’re not too sure about naming these guys as jocks, but all of them look sexy enough to be on a porn site.

You will find your members’ area at Jock Piss looks a bit unusual. You don't have the standard areas of videos and pics for example, everything works around the news area that is centre screen. This might confuse you, if you're not used to original layouts, but everything does work and you will find your way around. It is difficult to say what the update schedule is here as not all sets of content were dated. But we did find 45 photo sets and 25 videos.

One of the more recent videos I saw featured a cute little guy with shaved hair letting out a great stream of hot piss into his bathroom sink. This was only a one minute long video but it concentrated on that stream. It came out at 480 x 320 in size and ran at 1.12Mbs, it was fine at full size where it was still crisp and clear. Next I came to anther pissing clip which was eight minutes in length and featured a hunk called Tommy. He took advantage of a shower to get out a very nice looking tool, and then let loose a great river of piss. Checking through some older videos I found two different speeds in WMV and these were clips that you can stream. Other videos allowed downloading in both WMV and QuickTime. There were a few streams here, but overall, this is good quality viewing, and it is DRM free.

As for the photo sets, Jock Piss does a good job in letting us see all the golden shower action. Images are a good size at 806 x 1147, on average, and you can see, as you work through them, that the site is improving all the time. Photo gallery numbers varied somewhat, and some had as little as 13 pics per set, while others had more than 50. All the photos were digital shots and there was no screen cap cheating here.

Jock Piss is still fairly small and has an unconventional set up in its members’ area, and yet it's doing really well. Perhaps the navigation might be sorted out when more content is added so that you could, for example, find photos and videos separately. There is not a huge amount of personality to the site, it's very straightforward, with no descriptions beyond in the title of each set of content. But it is a rare niche and its contains enough content to keep you going for a while.

You certainly get good quality gay pissing action. The guys behind the camera know what they're doing and they capture all the yellow streams nicely. Navigation may take a bit of getting used to, and it would be nice to know more about the jocks. At the end of the day, if you're a fan of pissing then this is one site that you have to put into your collection; it is an exclusive set of content, and it stays on the watersports niche.

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Content Quality: 14/20

There is always room for improvement, but video and photo quality is okay.

Content Quantity: 14/20

The site is growing, and it is currently quite small, but you do have slightly more content than average for the niche.

Updates: 3/10

Updates don't look too regular and not everything comes with updates. So this is one to keep an eye on.

Originality & Exclusivity: 10/10

All of your Jock Piss content is exclusive.

Extras: 0/10

There are no extra features here.

Navigation: 2/5

It can take a while to get used to the cumbersome navigation in the members’ area.

Speed: 5/5

Downloads were great at 1200 kb/sec.

Value: 6/10

This is a specific niche site, although it's not too well-stocked, you get what you expect.

The B Factor: 6/10

We like the exclusive pissing content and a decent quality of videos and photos.

Overall Score: 60% Rate Gay Porn Review

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