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Johan Volny

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Formats: Flash
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Blog. Behind the scenes footage. 35 scenes from Johan’s productions from other studios.
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$9.99 for a 10 day trial
$19.99 a month, recurring
$49.99 for three months, recurring
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I don’t know what it is about the Czech Republic that manages to produce perfect specimens of youth and beauty, but ever since the early days of Czechboys we’ve been seeing some of the sexiest twinks on the planet appear on hot sites. And this one, that’s all about Johan Volny, is another that can not be overlooked. Ok, so he’s smooth, cute, hung, tight, toned, has a nice butt and all the other qualities we want from a twink (including a huge cock), but he’s also got charisma and character, and he’s versatile too so we can live out all our fantasies. You will have to go searching through the blog (it’s not very big as yet) and his Questions page to find out more information about him, he shines in his movies but we come away not knowing that much more – other than he’s a great porn actor. I checked him out on line to find some extra information; it would be good to have a detailed About page here. But on to the content of the members’ area. It’s pretty much as you see it on the tour –only fully accessible once you’re signed up. The movies run in a big Flash player and can’t be downloaded, there are exclusive scenes, and scenes from his productions for other studios, such as Sauvage. Some scenes run for only a few minutes while others are longer, but all are a good quality and some feature other top twinks. There are galleries too – some with many pics and some with only a few, but again, top twinks and good quality, though sizes will vary. Getting from one area to another is simple here, the menu reads like one line of text but just be accurate with your pointer and you'll be fine. And make sure you check the bottom menu to see some almost hidden extras: a filmography listing a surprising number of movies, a page of questions and answers which give you more of an insight in Johan’s private life, and a list/calendar of where and when he will be appearing live. There are also standard contact and ‘booking’ links should anyone need them. So, you can’t really get interactive or too involved here, Johan keeps his distance, but you will certainly get up close and personal in the excellent videos. These horny gems really shine, you can jump through them, they’re a great quality and the models are twink-a-liscious top of the range fare. And top of the top of the range is Johan Volny himself. If you've not heard of him before then take a look – you'll be hooked. If you have heard of him then you’re probably a dedicated member of his site already.

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Content Quality: 17/20

These exclusives are only available in Flash but it’s a good quality version that survives well at full screen size. The images vary in size but are also a good quality, even when they are screen caps.

Content Quantity: 10/20

You have a small amount of exclusive vids and galleries here but there are a further 35 scenes from movies that Johan has made for other studios too.

Updates: 8/10

Johan promises us updates two times a week and, looking at the update dates that come with the content, he is keeping his promises.

Originality & Exclusivity: 7/10

There are exclusive videos and galleries here but the blog and the extra scenes are not exclusive to the site so it’s a bit of a mix.

Extras: 6/10

There isn’t much by way of interactivity here though you do have the blog and a list of where this young stud is going to be appearing live.

Navigation: 4/5

This site has a neat design that’s easy on the eye and that makes navigation easy. Pages load quickly and the text is easy to read.

Speed: 3/5

I didn’t find any downloading here but the Flash streamed in quickly enough – though it will depend on your connection speed.

Value: 7/10

The B Factor: 7/10

The top thing at this site is Johan himself of course, he must be one of the top Euro twinks around at the moment. And he gives you exclusive scenes that no one else will have seen. But he also lets you see his studio appearances, he keeps you up to date with his blog, and he lets you know where you can catch him live. It’s also well designed and easy to use. It’s as smooth as Johan’s butt.

Overall Score: 69% Rate Gay Porn Review

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