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Naked Kombat

Formats: Flash. Mp4. WMV
Other Content:
Cost Details:
$29.99 For one Month (recurring)
$59.99 For three Months (recurring)
$99.95 for Six Months (Recurring Monthly at $16.50)
$169.99 for one Year (non-recurring)
Naked Kombat is a site I can rave about and I am justified in doing so I believe. Why? Well, I was impressed with many things here. The way that the wrestling bouts are realistic, overseen by a referee, and well filmed. You get close in on the action and feel like you’re actually there at the ring-side. Though some happen on a gym floor so there’s no actual ring. But you get a ring of a different sort later when the sex starts. I was also impressed with the models. These are top athletes with just the right amount of smooth muscles, they sweat and grunt their way trough the first 20 minutes or so as they genuinely compete in a wrestling bout. After about 20 minutes you notice that the bulging lycra, or the trunks have come off, or have been ripped off as even the sex is competitive here, and the jock straps are on view – as are, now, the smooth and muscled asses. The grappling continues… And then, a little later even the jock straps are off and we’ve got floppy dicks and nuts to view as the wrestling continues. But then the ref may intervene and decide that enough is enough – who has won? Who gets to be top in the hardcore that follows? Well, you will just have to watch and find out. There isn’t a model index here, which is a bit of a shame, but you get enough information about, and enough images of, the guys that you can find out all you need to know about them. When you select a scene from the many listed over index pages, you can then opt to view a trailer if you wish. You’ve got a choice of three qualities of Flash to stream each movie in, with full instructions given too, and various resolutions, including HD, for WMV and Mp4 downloads of parts or full scenes. You won’t have any trouble finding the right version for you and you won’t have any problems with the quality of these scenes. The same goes for the galleries too where the various amounts of images per set open up to good sizes and are also good quality. Galleries are arranged in parts which aids navigation and there are zip file download to take the whole lot in one go. So, there is plenty of exclusive content on the promised theme, there are plenty of collectable images and there are plenty of choices for viewing. You've also got one new scene each week to look forward to. Anything else? Well, yes. There is a forum for members, part of the set up but Naked Kombat gets its own space. You are also able to comment on the bouts and read what other fans have written. A page of suggested sites offers you ‘special deals’ presumably when you sign up for them, and there is even a rules page. Here you see what should and shouldn’t happen in each bout – this is handy to read if you’re thinking of becoming a Naked Kombat model, which is something else the sites lets you do. To sum it up: a great site, exclusive and original and filled with perfect wrestlers, athletes and hardcore sex. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

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Content Quality: 18/20

The quality of the filming here is perfect for the type of content. It is HD, with other options to view in too, and handheld so you feel like you are in a ring-side seat. The images are also good quality, the guys are beyond belief and the style and design of the site are awesome too.

Content Quantity: 17/20

With 365 movies running for up to one hour each, you have something new to view here every day so far. Each movie comes with a stock of digital shots with galleries holding up to 250 pics or more. There is a forum to use too and you’re able to comment on all of the content.

Updates: 8/10

Updates are once per week, so that’s something to look forward to.

Originality & Exclusivity: 10/10

This is all exclusive content and it takes a very original theme too. We may have seen wrestling movies followed by sex bouts before, but this site does it a lot better than any of those. You have interviews with the models too so that’s also a unique selling point.

Extras: 7/10

There is the forum to get involved with, you can also comment and read comments on the content pages, there are zip files for downloading videos, some special deals on other sites from the network, you can apply to become a model and there are links to sex shops.

Navigation: 5/5

The site has a great design so you will have not trouble moving around. The top menu stays with you and pages open up nice and quickly.

Speed: 5/5

Whoa! The transfer, download, rate/speed was pushing 175kbps, and I've not seen anything faster than that before.

Value: 8/10

You get good value here because the content is unique, well made and exclusive to the site. The guys are perfect for the scenes too and you have ongoing value from the updates. This is one of those sites where it is worth buying an annual membership straight off; you will be hooked.

The B Factor: 9/10

For me this site is almost a 10 out of 10 for everything – but I am never that generous as you never know if something better will come along. But in the world of wrestling-to-sex movies I doubt that anything will ever beat this site. It’s exclusive, well put together, looks great, is realistic, very horny and gives you exactly what the tour promises you.