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Real Drunken Boys

70 galleries x 75 pics
85 movies x 20 mins
Formats: WMV
Other Content:
150 + stories, 600 general videos, 138 feed sites, forum.
Cost Details:
$45.16 for 30 days (recurring)
$90.39 for 90 days (non-recurring)

Payment Options: Cards. Phone. Euro debit.
Get yourself ready for some amateur looking guys and hard-core sex scenes. If you're wondering about the ‘real drunken’ of the title, well, it's difficult to say if these boys are really drunk. There are certainly empty bottles littered around the set and the boys do sometimes act drunk but I guess they can't be too far gone, they certainly managed to get raging hardons, which is very difficult to do if you are steaming drunk. What you'll find when you login here is that all of the movies are exclusive to Drunken Boys and the network, though you may find these young, drunk models appearing on other sites. The Real Drunken Boys Videos themselves are a decent quality and high-definition versions are available. The movies are available as full-length scenes, and also as clips. The way the index pages are set out means that there are 85 things to view here, but not necessarily 85 different videos. You have the full video and then you have it in a set of clips, so they are doubled up. The same goes for photo galleries, where there are 70 sets of images some of which appear as screen caps and some as digital stills.

As you start to view a movie you realise that the action doesn't take very long to get going. There are two or more guys grunting and grinding their way through the decent length scenes but there's not very much of a set up. These boys are varied in their looks, some are cute some are in their early 20s, and some of them are older. There's nothing amateur about the quality of the videos though, and you get good viewing choices here. There are top quality versions at 3.06 MB @ 854 x 480 and the lower quality one was still pretty good at 1.89 MB @ 600 x 480. The low quality stream actually isn't low quality at all, but downloaded movies run in an even better resolution.

Storylines of scenes are pretty similar. There is usually some kind of drinking game involved, and sometimes the boys are drinking while having sex. For those who like their ebony porn you'll be pleased to know that the Black Seducer makes an appearance here. He gets his white boy a little bit merry before fucking is asked relentlessly. That adds a nice touch of interracial action to your collection of scenes, which are otherwise white boy on white boy.

There are some other extras that come with your membership and Real Drunken Boys keeps its eye on the little details that make your viewing experience much more entertaining. There are slideshows with the galleries, you can download photos in zip files, there is a members poll running, and you can also rate the content. Then there are a further 600 varied, gay porn DVDs and 10 bonus sites to view. These sites are exclusive to the network. Add on the fact that there are 138 feed sites and over 150 stories, plus a forum/message board, and you really do get some nice little extras and value for your membership fee.

I was convinced that I was paying a sensible amount of money to access some very good and exclusive videos. I just wasn't too convinced about the drunkenness of the boys; so think of this as more fantasy, rather than reality, content.

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Content Quality: 16/20

You will find good quality productions here with some nicely shot videos and digital still galleries. Even the screenshots are reasonable.

Content Quantity: 16/20

I found 85 movies/clips, some doubled up, these were in HD format; and the same goes for the galleries

Updates: 6/10

It looks like there are three new episodes or clip collections here are each month, I would say there was around one full, new, scene every 30 days.

Originality & Exclusivity: 10/10

All of your main content is exclusive to the site and the network and you can access other exclusive sites too.

Extras: 9/10

There are some neat interactive features, galleries come in zip file downloads. There are slideshows, stories, good search and sort options plus 10 bonus sites and 138 feeds, and some 600 DVDs.

Navigation: 4/5

Navigation is not a problem here, you have a static top menu, galleries open in new windows and the design is consistent throughout the network.

Speed: 5/5

Downloads happened at a decent 95 kbps.

Value: 6/10

What you get with Real Drunken Boys is worth paying just under $30 a month for, so you get good value for money.

The B Factor: 8/10

We like the exclusive movies, we like the drunken fantasies and we really like extras and bonus sites.