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Straight Hell

Formats: WMV
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$39.95 for the first 30 days, rebilling at $34.95 every 30 days thereafter
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This is a site for guys who know what they want and it is made by guys who know what they are doing. The theme is one of straight men being used and abused by other guys and it is, at times, very hard hitting. Just a quick look around the tour will show you that there are no holes barred here. There is plenty of S&M action with unwilling victims, whipping, cock and ball torture, spanking, bondage and humiliation, plus dildo machines, toys, forced sex, anal and oral and, well more or less anything ‘nasty’ you can think of. I only hope these guys are actors - if they are they are very good ones as the scenes are all totally believable. You enter your members’ home page to find a long list of updates, the recent comments from members – and members are very vociferous leading you to believe that this is a well used and well liked site. There is a list of some of the guys at the top by way of a set of face pics, and you can, from here, click to the model index. There are two ways of working through the site: you can simply follow the homepage by episode and then return home for the next one when done; you will need to click the top banner to get home. Or you can select the All Guys function and see the full model list and choose your scene according to the straight face that you like the most. I’ll have to put my hands up here and say that I am not totally sure how to tell you the content count. There are 31 guys and they each have a video, but these are available in shorter clips too – quite long clips actually; so there may well be over 150 of these; and you get to view or download the full scenes too. These come in WMV format and there are thee choices of resolution. I checked the mid range one and found it more than acceptable, so the top one is going to knock your socks off. Galleries too have various amounts of images in them so it’s hard to count exact numbers, but you’re not going to go short of pics to save or view. There are some high resolution versions too. So, getting around is fine, the guys are hot, the videos and galleries are great quality – but what actually goes on? Well, that’s the interesting part. I’d say that you’re going to enjoy this site if you are into any kind of fetish content, but particularly if you've got a thing for straight guy domination. The poor, unsuspecting str8 guys here get well and truly punished and all kinds of devices are used. It’s very hardcore, there is much pain involved, and it’s all carried off in a very convincing way. You’re going to get a new scene every week to so this is definitely a place to stay a member of for regular, original and exclusive content.

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Content Quality: 15/20

You do pretty well for quality here with three choices of resolution for your WMV downloads and streams. The mid-range one is at 1.41Mbps @ 640 x 360.

Content Quantity: 13/20

Each of the 31 models has a full scene arranged in shorter clips, so there are plenty of clips to view. They also tend to have more than one gallery – a downloadable set and a high resolution set.

Updates: 8/10

Updates happen every Wednesday, we’re told, so you've got a regular appointment with straight pain to look forward to on a weekly basis.

Originality & Exclusivity: 10/10

The content here is all exclusive and the theme is pretty original too - straight buys in gay BDSM sessions. You don’t find much of that around these days.

Extras: 6/10

You have a model index so you can find your content according to the guy you want to see and there are very generous descriptions of each scene. You can also comment, and read what other members have written.

Navigation: 5/5

No problems with navigation here – you find your home page again by clicking the top banner, and episodes are reached from the home page or the model index.

Speed: 4/5

The download speed comes in at around 75kbps which is fair to middling.

Value: 7/10

The B Factor: 8/10

The thing that stands out the most here is the rarity of this content. You’re left believing that these scenes were real and the guys were genuinely put upon straight boys. The quality is also good, the site knows what it is doing, there are regular updates and easy navigation.