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Twink Sex Flix

90 Galleries
85 Movies
Formats: WMV, MP4, Flash, 3GP
Other Content:
Cost Details:
$0 - 3 Days (Recurring at 39.98 - 30 Days)

Payment Options: Credit Card, Online Check
How much would you pay to have constant access to an online streaming library of hot twink-themed videos? Well, hopefully you'd pay about $40 on an ongoing monthly basis, but the odds are against it, right?

I thought so. So instead of hammering Twink Sex Flix for it's borderline outrageous price point (given the shape of the market and the competition) I think I'll just use this space to tell you about the reasons why Twink Sex Flix might actually be for you after all. Admittedly, it's not for everyone, or even half of everyone. There are some criteria at play here for the kind of guy who's going to want to subscribe to this.

First of all, you're going to have to be picky about your twinks. They're going to need to be lithe, nasty, and pretty-faced with sometimes quite impressive endowments, and outgoing horny attitudes. They can't seem too disoriented, creepy or spaced-out. Did I mention lithe?

Secondly, you're going to have to want to watch full movies of these lads, ripped from DVD at full-resolution or format-appropriate resolution in one of a few different viewing options like Windows Media Video, MPEG-4, Flash, and (for whatever reason...) 3GP for your high-end cell phone from 1998 or something. Variety is always a good thing except when it comes to airborne disease and unmatched socks, I always say. Seriously the variety of formats is nice. It could use some modernization (how about: Silverlight, Flash, and mobile/iPod-friendly H264 for instance...) but I love a site that offers me a nice platter of options.

Third, you're going to have to not mind plunking down some money for all this, and a little more than the usual, or skip ten lattes a month, if that's a possibility. Wear your clothes twice. Date dominant types who will foot the bill for dinner. That kind of thing.

Twink Sex Flix is exactly what it is and that's going to be a good thing for a select few people, but the price rules it out from ever taking audiences by storm. Tell you what, take out a sheet of paper, make a chart of how badly you think you want to download full versions of movies about twinks boffing, and if you notice an upward trend, then this site is for you.

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Content Quality: 14/20

Not all the videos use the highest quality compression, but the content is hot, all the same.

Content Quantity: 7/20

It's nice to have access to streaming all these full-length movies, but there aren't really enough to justify the cost and an upgraded update schedule would be nice.

Updates: 7/10

From the looks of things, there's a weekly update, but no promises are made about that, and videos aren't dated.

Originality & Exclusivity: 1/10

These videos and photos are licensed from content providers and may appear on other sites.

Extras: 8/10

All your standard database-oriented options are available here, for quick access to the features on file.

Navigation: 4/5

For the most part, getting around was easy and things looked nice enough. Speed was an issue at times.

Speed: 5/5

The price is about twice what it should be, by the standards set among other sites of this type.

Value: 6/10

The B Factor: 7/10