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Formats: Flash
Other Content:
Cast list, additional scenes
Bonus Sites:
Cost Details:
$24.95 for one month recurring
$49.95 for three months recurring
$10.00 additional payment to view the movie
I have to tell you straight off that this is no ordinary site. Twinklight is a site about a film of the same name, and it’s a film from the Gaylife Network and Afton Nills. If you know those names already skip to the next section, if you don’t: the Gaylife Network comprises six sites with a twink bias and it’s a good one, good value and always being added to. You get to access it as your bonus content. Afton Nills is a well known director with a talent for getting the best out of twink performers; he’s seen the start of many a well known actor’s porn career and is one of the top names in the industry. Ok, we’re looking at a vampire movie here and here’s the catch on the coffin, as it were. You sign up for this site and you get a, so far, limited amount of backstage scenes, interviews and outtakes. You get to find out about the cast, you get news on the movie and you keep up to date with it on a weekly basis. You also get to access the hot network. But you don’t actually get to see the movie Twinklight. To do that you need to pay an extra $10.00 once you've signed up to be a member. But you only pay that once and then you can see the entire DVD, and it’s well worth watching. The actual movie gets its title from the Twilight series and it concerns vampiric love and lust between several sexy young twinks. There’s blood and horror, tension and sex all mixed in with great lighting, photography and sound. There is a Hollywood style and feel to the movie which sets it apart from your average porn flick. In your actual members’ area though you start off with news about the project and you can see what’s going to be coming next. These are short outtake movies, clips, interviews and some backstage footage, and there isn’t a large amount of them as yet. There were seven on the Behind The Scenes page, but the site has definitely been set up to take more – so stay tuned. Additional Episodes are coming soon, so the site says, so we’re interested to see what’s going to be on that page when it’s live. On the Actors page you find 12 sexy boys with and without fangs, and you get to access their contributions so far. Again you need to have paid extra to see the boys in any scenes from the movie, but you do get image thumbnails to browse. They won’t click up to full size until you've paid, and it can get frustrating if you don’t want to pay – but if you've joined this site, the news and behind the scenes site of the film, then you’re going to want to view the actual film surely? So, my conclusion is that this is a really well laid out site, it’s got great promise and it’s a good way of getting behind the scenes and getting to know the cast. But sign up and then pay extra or you will find it frustrating. Or sign up purely for the excellent and exclusive six bonus sites and check out the vampire news from time to time. Whatever your reason for joining is, you’re going to have a good time with many twinks and lots of hardcore in the bonus area.

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Content Quality: 18/20

This site has a great design and a lot of thought has been put into it. You've got a nice atmosphere here and you've also got a site that’s easy to use. The filming quality is good and the twink actors are pretty hot too.

Content Quantity: 10/20

Well, this is where the trouble lies as the site is new. There are around seven outtakes and interviews at the moments, a cast list of 12, with photo thumbnail galleries, but also a set of well stocked bonus sites.

Updates: 8/10

Updates, with news and videos, clips, interviews and pictures, happen once a week. Dates are posted with the content and the bonus network also receives updates.

Originality & Exclusivity: 10/10

This is an original movie from a well known company and director and all the scenes you see are exclusive and won't be seen elsewhere. The movie itself is also pretty original.

Extras: 8/10

You get to access six bonus sites here including the Gaylife Network which is a great network for twink sex. The other sites are also twink themed so you've got great value for money.

Navigation: 5/5

There are no problems with navigation here, there are drop down lists, numbered index pages, a sensible menu and easy to follow links and texts.

Speed: 4/5

There was no downloading on the main site but the streams happened nice and fast and were available in two qualities.

Value: 6/10

I have to mark the value down slightly here as there isn’t much on the site, and you have to pay an extra $10.00 as a one off fee to see the actual movie. But there are six bonus sites included and they contain a lot of exclusive twink hardcore.

The B Factor: 7/10

This site is well put together and it is worth paying the extra to see the movie that all the fuss is about. You get backstage footage and news and interviews for your money, but your main value comes from the bonus network that you access. Think of this as a site to get you into that network while finding out what’s going on with a truly wonderful and exclusive new movie.

Overall Score: 76% Rate Gay Porn Review

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