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259 Galleries
48 Movies
Formats: WMV, Flash
Other Content:
Stories, Live Cam, Video on Demand, Citiboyz Theater
Cost Details:
$29.95 - 30 Days (Recurring)
$39.95 - 30 Days (Non-recurring)
$59.95 - 120 Days (Non-recurring)
$99.95 - 180 Days (Non-recurring)
$149.00 - 365 Days (Non-recurring)

Payment Options: Online Check, Pay By Phone, Credit cards.
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Additional Galleries click to enter Twinks has something known as a completely transparent tour, which is to say that every single model, video and piece of content is previewable in thumbnail form before you even sign up, so you know what you're getting and will only join if you're genuinely turned on by the content, unlike other prominent sites which feature only a couple of their hottest models on the tour page, or feature models not even present within the site. I love the kind of honesty that represents, and commend the confidence that they have in their content to put it all on show like they do.

Of course, confidence is easier when the product in question is deserving of confidence.'s content is quite show-worthy, with some of the best and most uniformly produced videos and photos on this topic that I've encountered during my review sessions.

Like other prominent sites of this nature, each model gets his own profile page, which makes available all the content featuring that model. No hunting around for your favorite models through a vast sea of thumbnails, or worrying that you missed a video from one of your favorites.

The mechanics of delivery as also great. A consistent video resolution of 640 x 480 pixels is streamed uninterrupted over a moderate highspeed connection, and all the same videos are available in different quality and download configurations depending on the needs of your platform. Once you find the right stream/download option for you, you're not going to be bothered by buffering or long download times.

Even if ""Twinks"" were never quite my kink in my daily sexual life, makes the group as appealing as they possibly could be, and backs it up with all the right choices for membership loyalty. I'm sure there are going to be quite a few satisfied customers, based on the experience that I had while browsing the site.

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Content Quality: 16/20

Bit rates are adequate to get the job done when it comes to nice-looking videos at the standard size of 640 x 480, and photos are crisp; free from compression artifacts.

Content Quantity: 14/20

Even if the total number of galleries isn't huge, when they weigh in at roughly 200 pictures per gallery, it's a lot of content no matter how you measure it.

Updates: 10/10

Something new hits the members area almost every single day, which is very impressive.

Originality & Exclusivity: 7/10

Models travel from site to site, but most of the photos are exclusive.

Extras: 9/10

A flood of goodies will distract you to the point of not remembering what you were looking at five minutes before or where you came from.

Navigation: 5/5

I love a well-built site, and this one serves nicely on both aesthetic and navigational strength.

Speed: 8/5

Deep loyalty discounts kick in after three months of membership and prices continue to drop until month twelve. This is a great candidate for long-term membership.

Value: 8/10

The B Factor: 7/10

Overall Score: 84% Rate Gay Porn Review

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