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Twinks from the Hood

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Twinks from the Hood dazzled me with it's strange and interesting concept, and I was fully prepared to find it erotic, but the tour lost my confidence from the moment I landed on the site. These guys were muscular and rugged, with mamoth dicks. Scanning faces and bodies, I couldn't find a single creature on the page that I'd deem to be a ""twink"" -- not that these guys weren't in some way hot, but my concern was already that the publishers had little interest in staying on-topic, or that perhaps they'd just never actually seen a twink.

Clicking into the members area gets even more confusing, because the entire center column of the page is dedicated to advertising and third-party feeds which have been syndicated for redistribution, none of which is good, considering the prominent placement of what should be non-existent or at least minimal within the paid area of a web site.

The left column of the members area contains all the links to the on-site content. I started by taking a look at the photo galleries, which were a disappointment. As I'd feared, nothing like a twink to be seen in there, just muscular black guys in photos by other vendors, displaying at a measly 472 x 700 pixels in size, as if this was still 1996. The sets are enormous, sprawling, unsorted and uninspiring. Each one is comprised of about 500 photos, which have seemingly been thrown into a folder on the server by some dude who figured, ""eh, they're Black and maybe some people will thing they're also Twinks...""

Videos here are also syndicated, and also don't adhere to the theme of the site. These streaming Windows Media Video files are just scenes from general interest gay porn featuring Black guys.

It's completely evident that Twinks from the Hood was put online to trap viewers hunting for a certain niche theme, without actually providing them with what they came for. A more honorable strategy with better prospects for long-term profits would have been to actually make the site that is implied and create a loyal viewership. As it stands, Twinks from the Hood probably rarely has any memberships lasting longer than a month, except the memberships of those who forget to cancel.

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Content Quality: 2/20

Very poor production values and casting make this a never-was also-ran.

Content Quantity: 12/20

This is a mid-sized collection.

Updates: 1/10

No discernable update schedule in sight for this property, I'm afraid.

Originality & Exclusivity: 1/10

All of the content from Twinks from the Hood is created and licensed from elsewhere.

Extras: 7/10

Some decent bonus access might take the pain out of the bad experience with Twinks fro the Hood, at least partially.

Navigation: 5/5

A basic design and sluggish downloads don't do this site any favors.

Speed: 3/5

Not an advisable subscription, or even trial for that matter.

Value: 3/10

The B Factor: 7/10