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Formats: WMV. Flash. Mp4
Other Content:
Model index, Feed sites
Bonus Sites:
Cost Details:
$1.95 - 3 Day Trial
$4.95 - 7 Day Trial
$24.95 - Monthly
$49.95 - 3 Months
You know, sometimes this job is really hard. I know you won’t believe me and you'll be thinking that I should not be complaining about getting access to members’ areas and all that. But it can be very difficult at times. Why? Because I spend hours lapping up the great scenes when I should be typing. I’ve just got caught up in a steaming hot twink bareback scene staring two perfect looking boys, that was great quality and easy to download. I blame Afton Nills, the man who has launched a load of twink careers, made lots of excellent quality twink movies, and the man who first introduced me to Turk Melrose – be still my beating heart. I also blame the Gaylife Network for offering up such a good collection of content on its new site Twinkylicious. Click in to the members’ area and you won’t want to click out again, your life will pass you by on the outside and you will be happily at your monitor until your fingers or your dick drops off. It’s not like me to rave about a site and so I won’t. Though I could, very easily. Ok, then, I will. I could find very little to fault with this site except… well, the actual Twinkylicious site doesn’t have a lot of content as yet, with only 20 scenes, but it is only part of a larger network that has hundreds. What else can I complain about? Nothing really. So, what you have is this: a members’ area that is modern and up to date, with all the extra functions and features you’d hope to find on a good adult site. Things like: rates, comments, search and sort options, downloads and streams, jump-to lists, information, descriptions, a fast download speed, choices of streaming quality (four choices actually including high definition) your other files suitable for iPods (MP4) and galleries with slideshows that bring you collectable pictures. But you may also want variety – you’ve got it with bareback scenes, varied models and a fully searchable model index. Plus you have some feed sites. One thing else that stands out is the way the company deal with the feeds. Many a site will put some up on a page and let you click to open a new window and fiddle about that way, or they won’t tell you anything but the name of the hired-in content, but here you get the best of these feeds presented to you like the rest of the content. It’s this attention to detail which makes this site and its network stand up tall above the heads of many others. There, I have raved enough and I haven’t even told you what the sex scenes are like. Hot. There, that will do. Don’t hang around here any longer, simply go and view the tour, grab the cheap sign up offer while you can, and then prepare yourself for days at a time viewing some of the best twink porn ever made.

Click Here To Enter Twinkylicious

Content Quality: 18/20

No problems with the quality of the movie making, the boys or the site itself here. Everything shines from the first photo you see to the last movie you download.

Content Quantity: 15/20

Twinkylicious itself doesn’t have a large amount of content at the moment but it is only one site in a nice set of others that all have exclusive twink content, so take the 20 main movies, add on all the others, the photos and the bonus feeds and you've got a nice stock of content.

Updates: 8/10

Looks like the site is adding a new episode in this area every week, and then remember that there are other sites that also update and to which you have access. It’s coming at you very frequently!

Originality & Exclusivity: 10/10

All this main content is exclusive to the Gaylife Network, which you can also access, and so is the content on the other sites in your list. And there are some original scenes too, with interviews and behind the scenes footage.

Extras: 8/10

There is a good set of bonus feed content which runs in the same way as your main content and is well presented. A fully searchable and easy to sort model index provides you with instant access to the kinds of twinks you want to see, and from all over the collection of sites too.

Navigation: 5/5

Excellent navigational tools mean it is easy for you to find what you want to see and to get to it. There are clear links and buttons, drop-down lists, search and sort options and fast loading pages. You won’t get lost anywhere and you will be leaping around the site with ease and grace.

Speed: 5/5

The download speed here is right up at the top of the scale, around 150kbps so you’re not going to have to wait long for your files!

Value: 9/10

Add in the facts that this is exclusive porn, the twinks are perfect, there are all those bonus sites and the extra feeds, there is simple and good navigation, a great design and perfect quality… well, that’s what I call value for money – especially if you take the three month membership.

The B Factor: 9/10

The thing that really stands out for me here is the quality of the stars, the perfect, smooth, varied and gorgeous twinks. Them and the fact that you can access a well known, well respected network and it’s all given to you for a very standard and reasonable price.