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Ultra Twinks

290 Galleries
220 Movies
Formats: WMV, Flash
Cost Details:
$29.95 - 30 Days (Recurring)
$69.95 - 90 Days (Recurring)

Payment Options: Credit Card, Online Check, Phone Billing
I won't go so far as to say that UltraTwinks is quantity over quality, but sometimes it seems that way. The boys are twinks, always, but hot twinks, only sometimes. Viewers are sometimes left wondering why they're watching footage of random European boys writhing around on pastel colored towels. For every hot guy kinetic camera energy, there's at least one of that other sort. But taste is individual, and I suppose sometimes youth is a primary selling point for some demographics, so stepping aside from what I deem to be failings of the casting process, I'll evaluate UltraTwinks based on the merit of it's update schedule, which is considerable, and the level of access granted to members, which is industry-standard, weighing in at the oft-seen number of six bonus sites and some content feeds from affiliates as well.

The look of UltraTwinks is nothing ground-breaking, but the upside is that it's not broken, and it's the kind of vibrant, sparkly mess that really says, ""yes, I'm browsing a twink site now, and anyone looking over my shoulder will have no question about what I'm up to."" It's the schematic you're used to from this kind of proceeding -- contrasting colors, and every graphic features some kind of sparkle or sheen, as if the whole damn thing was a computer-generated candied apple. It's theme-appropriate in other words.

UltraTwinks videos, the undoubted focal point to any incoming member, are produced with varrying quality standards. Some of them are clear, brightly lit and completely audible, and others are a little less so. However, they are uniformly published as Windows Media Video files at a nice big 640 x 480 pixels and compressed at a generous rate of about 2 megabytes per second -- that's enough that you're not visually going to be able to tell much difference from watching the source material, so the quality here is almost entirely contingient on the source.

Updates appear in a cloud of pink smoke at a rate of about two per week, so you'll have plenty to watch if this is your bag. You can probably tell that it's not entirely mine, but I advise you to check it out for yourself -- especially if you like this kind of eggregiously sugary wrapping around your Twink theme. It can be fun, for sure.

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Content Quality: 14/20

But not all of it is so hot.

Content Quantity: 20/20

There's plenty to look at.

Updates: 8/10

Two updates per week should keep you busy enough if you've got a life to worry about as well.

Originality & Exclusivity: 5/10

About half of the content on Ultratwinks is exclusive.

Extras: 8/10

Turning the mouse backwards for a moment can provide a fun new way to navigate the site, but there are plenty of other extras as well, including six bonus sites.

Navigation: 5/5

Navigation clear and simple to use.

Speed: 5/5

With such frequent updates, it's hard to complain about quality.

Value: 8/10

The B Factor: 7/10

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