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Unglory hole

Formats: Flas
Cost Details:
$4.95 for two days trial
$29.95 per month, recurring
$95.40 for one year, non-recurring
I wouldn't normally suggest you go and view a site that only has eight videos on it, particularly when you can only stream those eight videos and where you only have screen cap galleries by way of images. Normally I wouldn’t bother with a site like this - but I am. In fact I am raving about it, even though it is new and small. Why? Read on: There are several things that I like about this site, it is new and fresh, original and well set out so that it is easy to use. But my main two reasons for recommending it to you are these: it is fun and it is genuine. It takes a reality approach that works well. (I have seen so many ‘reality’ sites that are clearly set-ups and that fail.) It takes some very sexy straight men and uses them for our advantage and our entertainment, so we have fun at their expense, it gives us exclusive voyeur scenes, and it does this well. Each movie has a standard story: A pretty young lady goes out with the film crew and finds a tough looking, straight acting, American hero type straight man. She persuades him to get paid for having his cock sucked through a glory hole, in a studio, or booth etc. They will play straight porn while she blows him, so what’s he got to lose, apart from a nut full of jizz? He agrees, goes to the booth, the cameras roll and he gets his juicy straight cock out, while watching the straight porn. She is on the other side of the wall now, encouraging him and leading him on. Then the sucking starts and he really gets off on it. But, by now, our girl hostess has been joined by a guy, a gay guy who knows how to suck cock, and it is he who is blowing the s,traight man, unbeknown to the str8 guy himself. Even when he shoots his load he has no idea as she is saying ‘oooh, you came on my titties’ and stuff like that. But then, a little later, the cat is out of the bag, and then... As I said, great fun and horny too – great voyeur entertainment. Downsides? Well, a few. Only eight scenes so far and these come with masses of little screen caps. You can only stream at the moment, and there is nothing but these scenes on the site – things are promised as coming soon. But remember this is new, we’re telling you about Unglory hole because we want you to be in at the start of something hot and fresh. This one is going straight to the top of the charts or I’ll eat my… I’ll eat my… straight mate’s dick.

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Content Quality: 18/20

You have very well made videos here, both in terms of the resolution and the way that they are put together. There is split screen in use so you get to see both sides of the wall at once. The galleries are screen caps, which is a shame, but you can still see what is going on, and there are hundreds of pics per set.

Content Quantity: 10/20

Well, I can’t say that this is the biggest site ever, but it is updating according to its schedule and so the numbers are growing week by week. But the eight videos run for a good length of time and they make complete stories, with the straight guy getting blown as the longest part. The stars and finishes are just as fun to view though.

Updates: 8/10

Updates are happening at one per week, which is fine.

Originality & Exclusivity: 10/10

Everything here is exclusive and it is also pretty original. In a world where every other site is ‘reality’ themed and where everyone is trying to get straights to turn gay for cash - this one comes out as truly original because the straights have no idea they’ve just been blown buy another guy… Until it is too late.

Extras: 5/10

There are some bonus sites and extras promised as coming soon – and there are links to live cam sites.

Navigation: 5/5

Navigation is simple, the menus are clear, the links are clear and they all work just fine.

Speed: 5/5

These movies, in a sensible sized Flash player, streamed in nice and fast, no problems there.

Value: 6/10

Again, not a huge amount of content for a standard sign up fee, but this is all exclusive and very original. Stay a member and you will bet more content, or take the annual membership and you’re only paying $7.958 a month, which is pretty good.

The B Factor: 7/10

The thing that really stands out for me about Unglory Hole is the originality. Ok, so getting straight guys to get gay blow jobs isn’t that original anymore, but the movies here are different: they start with an interview as the str8 is picked up, then we have the whole blow job, then he finds out it was a guy… I am surprised that no one gets hit! Great fun and great voyeur sex too.