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Uomo TV

75 Galleries
194 Movies
Formats: WMV
Other Content:
Cost Details:
$24.95 - 30 Days (Recurring at 19.95)
$29.95 - 30 Days (Non-recurring)

Payment Options: Credit Card, Online Check
UomoTV doesn't waste time explaining or selling tiself to potential subscribers. You probably already know what this is about, because it's likely you've been referred to it by one of your obsessed friends. But in case you don't know what the drill is and find yourself as confused as I was in the beginning, I can spell it out flat for you: hot Latino guys you've never seen anywhere before, high-resolution photos so slick they could double as magazine shoots, 960 x 540 high definition video, barely compressed to 12 megabytes per second, a slick, barren website devoid of the usual gaudy porn-site stylings, and absolutely nothing else.

The members area is stylish, but sparce like the rest of the site. It's a big, long grid of models that you're recognize from the tour orgainzed by date on a dark, handsome page. New models show up ever three or four days, and are posted to the top of the page for convenience. They're notable for their exclusivity to UomoTV, their authentic Latino beauty, and some combination of handsome face, hot body, huge cock, or all three -- a winning formula by any standard.

Clicking a model's photo takes you to a page where you can view videos and photos of that model, simply enough. Videos are available for streaming and download in a couple different quality variations, capping out at the afore-mentioned large 'n' lovely 950x540 at 12 megabytes per second. If you're not sure you want to comit to a download like that, there's a flash video preview embedded on video pages where viewers can get an idea of whether a scene is going to tickle their pickle or not. Even preview videos are a nice meaty 800 pixels wide, though obviously a lower, more appropriate bit rate.

UomoTV just screams quality and exclusivity, and quality is the primary asset of the site, which features absolutely no bonus content or any type of feature besides the simple model catalog, and a cohesive interface.

The message here is simple: Gorgeous men with big dicks in high definition footage don't really demand a whole lot of dressign up with splashy page designs or raunchy slogals plastered over them. If those kinds of sites give you a headache and you like Latino men, UomoTV is your much-needed respite and an incredible value, with a loyalty rate of only 19.95 after one single billing cycle at 24.95.

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Content Quality: 18/20

Uomotv has the highest-bitrate videos of any modern porn site, to the point of detriment in some cases. These near-archival qaulity videos weigh in at around 12 Mb per second and will definitely need their share of your hard drive as well as your patience to download. However, if you're picky about quality, you can't underestimate the power of these crystal-clear productions.

Content Quantity: 18/20

This large collection of videos is complimented by a growing library of impeccable photography.

Updates: 9/10

Twice per week is a great schedule for such an insanely high-quality product.

Originality & Exclusivity: 10/10

Nowhere else.

Extras: 1/10

What you get is... what you get. Uomotv doesn't offer any candy besides the quality of the main product.

Navigation: 4/5

Uomotv features a slick, simple design and blistering speeds -- a miracle considering the kind of files sizes they're sending end users.

Speed: 9/5

The loyalty discounts make this an incredible long-term value.

Value: 8/10

The B Factor: 7/10

Overall Score: 84% Rate Gay Porn Review

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