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Wicked Twinks

Formats: WMV. Flash
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Cost Details:
3-day - $9.95 (recurring) - Trial Membership
30-day - $29.95 (recurring)
60-day - $49.95 (non-recurring)
90-day - $59.95 (recurring)
Wicked Twinks is a site that is all about fresh, young and horny boys with Russian sounding names. Twink sites, as we know, are not a new thing, and it is always hard to make a twink site stand out from the thousands of others that are on the market. So, the question is, is there anything special about this one? My answer is, yes, there is something… But what is it? What makes Wicked Twinks score highly in reviews, ours and those by other reviewers? Well, it is many things. It’s not the most dazzling, all singing all dancing site around, there are no interactive options like rates and comments, there is no forum or message board, you don’t get a model index or details about the boys and the blog had not been updated for a very long time. But still it stands out as a good, solid twink site. One of the reasons for that is its simplicity. You have a basic side menu to take you to the home page, the movies and the galleries, the blog (in a new window), to a set of more twink sites and help and support. That menu stays with you and serves you well. On the index pages for the vids and pics you have sets of sample images that are large and clear, and the pages themselves are clearly numbered. Click into, for example, a video’s page and you've got a decent sized stream player, the movie in clips to download, and a full scene version to take too. What more do you need? Do you need all those extras and things to click when you've got hot twink sex simply set out for you? Probably not. But if you are a viewer who likes to add comments, rate scenes and get involved, then you won’t find much to do in that department here. You log in, view, download and go. I have to say that a little more information about the boys would be good. We know their names, but we don’t know which boy is Pavel and which is Oleg, for example, and there are no descriptions of the scene to come. You don't really need them either as each movie is more or less the same. But that doesn’t mean they are repetitive; the varied locations and boys see to that. You have many duos here with sexy stripping, kissing and oral scenes before the hardcore fucking and the ultimate cum shots happen. The guys sometimes appear in solos too, and I saw at least one threesome. Movies run for a decent length of time each, the quality is good and downloads happen reasonably fast. The galleries hold, usually, over 100 pics each and these are a fair old size. Again there are no gimmicks, no slideshows or zip file sets to download, you simply browse through, one pic at a time taking the ones you want to keep. And there are many of them. So, for me Wicket Twinks does well because it is simple and easy to use, good quality and the boys are dreamy. They are on the younger side of ‘twink’ and I’d go so far as to say that some are teens. They all do well and overall the quality of the porn you get is, well, wicked!

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Content Quality: 18/20

Movies, once downloaded, played at 1.16Mbps in a 320 x 256 screen. This went to full size with no problems. The camerawork is good, the boys do fine, there are clear visual and sound quality and you get good, solid movies. Photo sizes were also good and the digital pics were nice and clear. No quality issues here.

Content Quantity: 16/20

You have over 80 galleries holding around 100 pics each, and often more than that. And you also have 31 exclusive movies in parts or as full scenes to stream or download. There is also a blog and some interesting links to other sites, chat and cams etc.

Updates: 7/10

I didn’t see upload dates with the movies, but the home page did tell me that the site was updated a few days prior to my visit.

Originality & Exclusivity: 9/10

Twink on twink sex is nothing new, but these boys are. These are exclusive movies that you won’t have seen before.

Extras: 7/10

You will find that there are links to suggested twink sites, though these are not included as an extra or a bonus.

Navigation: 5/5

Navigation is simple. You have a large left menu that takes you to home, pics and vids, and to the blog which opens in a new window. It’s easy to move around the videos with numbered index pages too.

Speed: 4/5

The download transfer rate was around 70kbps which is decent enough and the streams buffered and ran fairly fast.

Value: 7/10

You are paying for the exclusivity here rather than the number of movies, but you get a decent amount for your monthly fee. You will save more money if you opt for the longer-term memberships and, as updates are happening, a longer membership will bring rewards.

The B Factor: 7/10

For me it is the originality of the boys and the exclusivity of the movies and galleries which are the two best things about the site. I also like the way the movies are filmed, the way you get in nice and close to the action, and I also like the neat and simple design. This is a twink site that you will want to have in your collection.