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With Marcello

156 Galleries
156 Movies
Formats: WMV, Quicktime
Cost Details:
$24.95 - 30 days (recurring)
$29.95 - 30 days (non-recurring)
$34.95 - 60 days (recurring)
$69.95 - 180 days (non-recurring)

Payment Options: Credit Card
Vanity sites are nothing new on the porn-net; every budding star has one, and twice as many studios want to milk the last bit of profit out of their has-beens and never-weres by launching sites to flaunt a star-focused catalog. The formula is always the same: a large, supersaturated, air-brushed photo of the site's namesake celebrity (usually in some variation of a cowboy hat) juts in from one side of the screen, impinging slightly on a note ""to the fans"" that somebody asked them to write without giving them any kind of clear focus or taking into consideration that porn stars rarely double as good speech-writers. This note, is often displayed at a jaunty angle and ""attached"" to the page with computer-generated bolts or some such element deemed to be masculine by a low-paid designer from Montreal. This all leads to some kind of half-assed blog that the star never updates besides to apologize for never updating, and the whole thing falls apart after about two years.

To say the least, I approach vanity sites with trepidation.

So With Marcello was a pleasant surprise to me. I have to admit that my first reaction was simply, ""Who the hell is Marcello?"" But I learned quickly enough that Marcello is a self-proclaimed ""Italian Stallion"" and the currator of his own self-produced collection of professional-quality solor and duo videos. His passion for himself is the fuel that keeps this whole thing cranking out reliable and reliably hot updates, every couple weeks. The guest stars Marcello hires prove that the man means business. Anyone willing to put down the cash to get Steve Hooper in front of a camera for a indie site is definitely not playing around.

Marcello himself is amply endowed and familiar with how to work a camera. His unique brand of antagonism and egotism will work well for a browsing public of moist-pantied bottom boys desperately in need of a testosterone explosion.

Every video update spawns a new nicely-stuffed photo gallery, and industry-standard formats are the order of business. You'll choose between Windows Media Video or Quicktime, and a chunky variety of large-ish JPG images. There are solo and hardcore movies as well as interviews of each guy.

With Marcello turns out to be hopelessly classy, and highly recommended.

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Content Quality: 19/20

Over a hundred videos so far, regular updates, and just as many photo galleries with around 40 images each.

Content Quantity: 17/20

Only one resolution choice leaves things a little flat, but at least it's a good one. The production values of the videos is high.

Updates: 8/10

New, full-produced videos are added twice per week, and the production schedule can be found on the tour. With Marcello seems to adhere to it's chosen output volume with real sincerity.

Originality & Exclusivity: 10/10

None of this content can be found anywhere else; it's all produced just for With Marcello.

Extras: 10/10

The blog, comic, and all the user-centric navigation features add a lot of value to the site, as do the bonus cinemas, and the informative ""coming soon"" section. There's always something to look forward to.

Navigation: 4/5

A hand-crafted affair, With Marcello forces viewers to spend a little too much time smashing their ""back"" buttons during a browsing session, but it's nice to see something as simple as this with so much content to offer.

Speed: 5/5

For this much exclusive content on this kind of update cycle, the price is right, and perhaps even a bargain.

Value: 8/10

The B Factor: 7/10