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Author: Brad
Category: Masturbation
In the mirror Paul could now see Stuart's back. His hair was shaved short and beneath its straight edge two smooth shoulder blades separated to end in rounded shoulders. The arms massaging shampoo into the glorious hair showed signs of developing muscles and the fingertips beneath the bubbling, white lather were elegant but powerful.
Author: Brad
Category: Bears
He lifts his heavy ass from the bench and pops the stud on his jeans as he pulls them down. He always wears white briefs, full, stuffed with his genitals, coarse black hair billows from the waistband and carries on up under his shirt. He puts his jeans on the bench beside him then packs his socks into his trainers before standing to put them in the locker. As he stands I get to look at his hairy legs, thickly matted, chunky and then at his white briefs stretched tight across the two lumps of untrained muscle that is his ass.
Author: Brad
He heard Stuart stand up and then there was a warm hand on his shoulder. The sounds from the bath were getting louder and Dean knew their post match song was coming to an end. The hand ran down his back until it rested on the top of his backside and he felt the elastic of his jock strap pulled and let go with a quiet snap.
Author: Brad
Category: Movies
It looks like the boy is getting hard in there. He’s stroking himself through his tight black trousers more firmly. He has round brown nipples. Now his hand is inside his trousers, he leans back in the chair. The officer comes over to him, putting his gun on table and suddenly manhandles the boy to the wall. He frisks the semi-naked lad, running his palms over the round ass, feeling the lad through his shiny black trousers. He reaches in around the lad and empties his pockets, spreads his legs with a swift kick, turns the lad around and forces him to take off his belt.
Author: Brad
Category: Oral Sex
O.k. lad, on your knees. Don’t let go, don't stop what you’re doing just get on your knees and get ready to choke. Down you go, that’s it. Keep wanking me off, keep playing with those hairy bollocks. Now open that soldier mouth of yours, open it wide, you’re going to need it wide. Lick my balls, get your tongue on ‘em. Shit yeah, that’s it. Hot mouth lad, nice. Get my furry bollocks wet, lick ‘em over, both of ‘em. Use your tongue. Nice, nice and hot. Get under ‘em, push your face into my crotch lad, sniff me. That’s it lick and sniff. Jesus yeah, that’s good. You’re good at this.
Author: Brad
Category: Straight Guys
We were both drunk so that was o.k. He didn't know what was going on and I only saw it through a haze. But we slumped on the bed, in the coats, as the party went on downstairs. As he slept I slid my hand onto his shorts, he was hard, dreaming of some woman maybe? Maybe he wasn’t asleep. I undid his zipper, pulled his long cock free from his white briefs. I held it solid and hot, I slid to lick it.
Author: Brad
Category: Reality
My cock got hard very quickly inside her husbands hot mouth as he continued devouring my meaty cock down the back of his throat. I looked up at the telly and saw one bloke fucking a woman up her pink cunt and another man was fucking her up her arse at the same time. I wondered whether or not the men could feel each others dicks as they fucked away next to each other with only the flimsiest bit of flesh between them.
Author: Brad
Category: Interracial
On about the third day I became aware that the hotel allowed a few local youths into the grounds, presumably by way of bribes. When I thought about it I realised that I had noticed some of the lads on the previous evening. They were well dressed, polite and sat in small groups on the terrace drinking Kalkadi, Hibiscus tea in small glass cups. They did not seem to be bothering anyone but occasionally they spoke to the guests. It was inevitable then that one should finally speak to me.
Author: Brad
Category: Turkish
He looked back up at me as the last seep of cum left his cock and slid down to his fingers. He smiled again and his breathing slowed. He looked at my cock, rigid and painful, my balls contracted beneath it full and desperate to unload. I longed to wrap my fist around my shaft, to shove it into his smooth mouth and unload the bucket load of cum that was ready and waiting. I started to move my hand again but again he shook his head.
Author: Brad
Category: Latinos
Rodrigo was the new kid in Paccino's mob. He was standing in front of him now in the dark, smoke filled basement. The only light came from a desk lamp, reflected up onto the kid’s structured face. He was staring enthusiastically into Paccino’s grey eyes, trying hard to stand still, like a cat on a hot tin roof. He eagerly anticipated his first big job.
Author: Brad
Category: Fetish
James answered him only by walking in as he hadn't been given permission to speak as yet. James was nineteen years old but could be younger if that's what somebody wanted. He had a youthful face and was classed as being thin. He'd met the burly man by chance only the other night and had been invited to the party on the strict orders that he would be a slave for the night and to do what ever he was told.
Author: Brad
Category: Fetish
Tim hadn't felt pain like it. Not even when his father used to put him over his knee as a kid. His arse was actually burning and felt red raw. 'Stop it, stop it I can't take it anymore!' he shouted as he carried on thrashing around over Jed's knee, trying desperately to escape the hand that was seriously spanking him. 'This is nothing. I'm not finished yet,'
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