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Gangster’s Paradise

Author: Brad
Date Added: 08/02/2009
Rodrigo was the new kid in Paccino's mob. He was standing in front of him now in the dark, smoke filled basement. The only light came from a desk lamp, reflected up onto the kid’s structured face. He was staring enthusiastically into Paccino’s grey eyes, trying hard to stand still, like a cat on a hot tin roof. He eagerly anticipated his first big job.

Paccino looked at the kid and barked his order. ‘Strip!’

A flicker of doubt and shock flashed into Rodrigo’s eyes but was banished in a blink. He new of Paccino’s reputation and he knew that you did what he said, when he said it.

He quickly pulled off his white t-shirt revealing his bronzed, toned body. Another man behind him took his top and Rodrigo bent over taking off his trainers, then jeans. The muscled man behind him stole an admiring look at the boy’s dark, inviting entrance.

Paccino was pleased at how quickly the kid had done as he was told but he didn’t show it as he continued to stare coldly at him.  His eyes travelled down the youthful body slowly, stopping to fix on the long, thin cock that dangled between the smooth legs.

As he stared at the naked boy before him Paccino could feel his own cock stir inside his suit trousers.
‘Come and stand in front of me so I can get a better look at you,’ he said, rewarding the kid’s obedience with a smile.

As the kid came to stand before him, Paccino took a long suck on his fat cigar, savouring the taste of the strong tobacco. Slowly he blew the heavy smoke onto Rodrigo’s dark penis, now waiting in front of his face.

Taking hold of Rodrigo’s heavy bollocks with one huge hand, he looked into the face that looked nervously back at him.
‘Do you think these are what make you a man?’ Paccino asked, giving them a slight squeeze that made Rodrigo jump slightly.
‘Yes boss,’ the kid answered. He felt his dick getting hard as Paccino started to stroke his balls.
‘You’re wrong kid.’ Paccino shook his head. ‘I am. I can make you or brake you. But do as you’re told and you’ll go far. And the first thing I want you to do is give yourself to me, body and soul. Only then can I fully trust you. Understand?’ he added, giving another tug on the boy’s already sensitive bollocks.
‘Yes boss.’ Rodrigo nodded. He understood full well what Paccino was getting at. He licked his dry lips. ‘What would you like me to do for you?’

With one hand Paccino was tugged and caressed Rodrigo’s bollocks, simultaneously he slipped his other hand into his pin stripped jacket and drew out his snub magnum. Then, looking at the man who stood back in the shadows, he said, ‘you might need to hold him still. I don’t want another accident.’

Paccino saw the look of fear on Rodrigo’s face. The kid was wondering what he meant but he didn’t move as the other man came to stand behind him. He put his strong arms under Rodrigo’s armpits and clenched his hands together behind the boy’s neck. Rodrigo was now in a full head lock.

Although Rodrigo was getting scarred he enjoyed the feel of the henchman’s aroused dick as it pressed through his trousers and crushed against his naked arse.

‘Don’t worry,’ Paccino said with a slight growling laugh, ‘I’m not going to shoot you kid.’ He put the gun down on the table. ‘But, what I am going to do is…’

The boss pulled out a silver cut throat razor from the inside of his jacket.

‘Is to shave that hair off. Down there.’ He pointed the blade directly at Rodrigo’s crotch. ‘You’re not a man until I say you are. And, until then, I expect you to be clean shaven at all times. Understand?’
‘Yes boss’ Rodrigo answered proudly, not wanting to show his nervousness.

He watched as the older man opened the razor. His other hand was still squeezing Rodrigo’s now limp penis. It grabbed around his bollocks, rolling them together and stretching them at the same time, tightening the skin. And then he saw the blade coming towards him.

As Paccino touched his flesh with the sharp steel, Rodrigo’s hips moved involuntarily back, away from the weapon pushing his arse against the guy behind. The henchman only pushed back. A trickle of sweat dropped from Rodrigo’s forehead, his skin felt cold.

Paccino concentrated as he started to dryly scrape away at the pubes just above Rodrigo’s dick.
Because of the heat from Paccino’s hand, the thrill of the danger and the other man’s hard cock that continued to press into him, Rodrigo’s dick was rock hard by the time Paccino had finished. He looked down and saw how pink and smooth he now was and he marvelled at how much bigger his dick looked. And how much more naked he now felt.

Paccino slid his hand up and down Rodrigo’s shaft a few times and watched the pre-cum that had started to leak from it. It slipped down the kid’s dick and moistened his hand.
‘It’s o.k. Joe’ he said to the other man, ‘you can let him go now.’

Disappointed, Joe let released him, but he moved only slightly away. He missed the feel of the kid’s smooth arse against his hardness and he clasped his hands in front of his trousers to hide the stain that had appeared there. He felt a wetness trickling down his legs.
‘Now bend over the desk,’ Paccino ordered. ‘I haven’t finished with you yet. This is only the beginning.’

Rodrigo willingly obeyed with Paccino and Joe watching closely. The toned arse spread open and they stared right onto his pink, inviting arsehole.

As if by some unspoken law, Paccino nodded to Joe and watched him as he moved in front of the desk and stood with his cock at the same level as Rodrigo’s face. Once there he took hold of the kid’s wrists and held them tight, stretching the boy.

Once again Paccino put the metal blade onto his Rodrigo’s skin and began dryly scrapping at the dusting of hair between his arse cheeks. Taking his time he spread each cheek slowly and blew away the shaven fuzz sending shivers up Rodrigo’s spine.

Rodrigo thought his dick would explode as Paccino slid his hand under his now smooth bollocks and started caressing them one moment and gently tugging them backwards the next. He lifted his head up excitedly as Joe let go of his wrists and watched as the man undid his flies. Rodrigo licked his lips as Joe pulled out his hard, dribbling cock.

The henchman put his hand on Rodrigo’s head and started to slowly caress his own dick as he watched Rodrigo’s face light up with pleasure. Paccino started to insert a finger into the kid’s willing arse.

Paccino could feel the hot, moist muscles of the kid’s hole clamp around his finger as he shoved it all the way in, up to the knuckle. In and out he went using his finger as a piston. First one finger, then two, then three. All went in, in and out, faster all the time and always up to the knuckles. He heard Rodrigo make grunting noises of excitement as he ploughed into him with his forth finger. His own dick was now straining against the course fabric of his suit trousers and, with his other hand, he undid his zip and let his dick spring free. He rubbed it a few times before standing up behind Rodrigo and letting his trousers fall in a heap at his ankles.

‘Are you ready for me to take your body and soul kid? Are you willing to submit yourself to me?’ he asked coarsely as he rubbed his cock up and down Rodrigo’s smooth arse crack.
‘Yes boss, yes, take me. I’m only yours, please!’ Rodrigo was panting with passion, watching Joe wank himself in front of his face.

With that Paccino put his fat knob against the upturned arsehole and rammed it straight in. Rodrigo screamed in agony. This was the moment Joe had been waiting for. He quickly moved in, shoving his dick right to the back of Rodrigo’s throat, cutting off any noise.

Rodrigo couldn’t believe the pain. He had been fucked before, but never like this.

Now he had Joe’s hard dick in his mouth, choking him. It cut off his air and he thought he would pass out. As if sensing it, Joe removed his cock for just enough time to let Rodrigo get his breath back. Then shoved it back in again. Grabbing hold of the boy’s hair he started to slowly slide in and out of his hot mouth, allowing him to get used to the length before lunging back in again.

Paccino, wild with lust, grabbed hold of Rodrigo’s hips and used him only for his own pleasure. Banging hard and fast into his arsehole it didn’t take long before the pressure built up in his bollocks.

Rodrigo felt the initial pain subside until he felt only pleasure. His arsehole and mouth were both full to the brim. So much so that he thought both dicks were trying to meet in the middle. He knew that the men were about to come when their speed and strength picked up. There was a desperate urgency about their grunting and he could feel the dicks getting impossibly bigger. He could even feel his own balls tightening up and he knew he could not hold on for much longer.

Suddenly Joe pulled his dick out and pushed Rodrigo’s head backwards, lifting his face. He grinned as he watched his cock erupt over the kids sweating features sending hot cum into his eyes, hair, mouth, and even up his nose.

The site of seeing Joe’s spunk was too much for Rodrigo. As he felt the man’s hot cum dribble down his chin he exploded under the desk.

Paccino felt the spasms of Rodrigo’s arse muscles tighten around his cock and shot his load deep into the kid.

Rodrigo gasped as spurt after spurt filled up his insides. There was too much of it. Even before Paccino withdrew, Rodrigo felt his warm spunk escape his battered hole and run down his legs.

‘Get up kid and get dressed,’ Paccino ordered. He slid his dick out and gave the kid a playful slap on the arse.

Rodrigo stood shaking and tried to steady himself. His legs felt weak as he reached obediently for his clothes.

He dressed quickly and, having recovered, looked back to Paccino who was once again sitting at his desk smoking a cigar.

Rodrigo stood there waiting for his first big job. Paccino looked at the kid…

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