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True Story

Author: Neil
Date Added: 04/07/2009
I have my own shop and when I’m not busy I write gay porn to sell on the internet. What follows is a true story of an incident that happened in the shop one day.

It had been a very slow and unproductive day. It was nearly closing time and I’d been sat at my computer writing a hot story when I needed to run to the toilet. When I came back into the shop I saw a stranger looking at the screen of my computer. Realisation sank in and I was mortified. I’d forgotten to hide my story.
    ‘Can I help you?’ I asked feeling my face go scarlet with embarrassment and rushing to turn off the screen.
    ‘It’s okay I’m only looking.’ He replied jumping at the sound of my voice. He was a bearded man with a rounded stomach in his late forties early fifties. He moved away from the screen and looked around the shop. He seemed a bit uncomfortable as he looked at the things on the shelves and kept glancing back at me.
    ‘Are you sure I can’t help you with anything sir?’ I asked again getting a bit impatient as I wanted to lock up and go home. He looked deep in thought for a few seconds.
    ‘Well actually maybe you can, I hope you don’t mind me asking but that story on your computer, did you write it?’
Nervously I said yes. I was hoping he wasn’t homophobic as he was a big man.
    ‘I rather enjoyed the bit I read would you mind if I read a bit more of it.?’
    ‘yes of course, no problem.’ I answered some what surprised. Then as he walked towards my desk I noticed the large bulge in his trousers.
    ‘As I already said, I did enjoy your story.’ He said smiling at me and grabbing his impressive bulge. I liked my lips as he stood next to me. Realising I was staring at him I quickly moved away and gestured for him to sit down at my desk.
    ‘There you go. I’ll let you read it in peace and whilst I tidy up a bit.’
    ‘Is this the sort of thing you like or is it all made up?’ he said to me as he finished reading.
    ‘It’s all made up but it is what I would like to do, it’s always been my fantasy.’ I said feeling myself go red in the face again.
    ‘Well it’s certainly got me horny, maybe we could help each other out what time do you finish work?’ he said smiling and outlining his erection in his trousers with his hands.
I had to admit to myself that I was feeling horny as well as I always do when I’m writing erotic stories.
    ‘Actually I was just about to close the shop when you came in, where do you want to go?’ I asked smiling back at him.
    ‘What’s wrong with here?’ he said surveying the room.
For an answer I closed the door and locked it from the inside.
    ‘Right, get that sexy arse over here now boy and get on your knees between my legs.’
He ordered me as soon as I’d finished locking up. I couldn’t believe my luck and almost ran in excitement to him.
    ‘That’s a good boy now get my dick out and stark sucking.’ He said as I knelt before him. I pulled his zip down as he undid his belt and top button. I pulled his trousers apart as much as I could and then pulled his underpants down and tucked them under his heavy and hairy bollocks. His erection was about seven inches long but it was the thickest I’d ever seen. I wrapped my hand three quarters around it and felt the heat and power of it in my palm. I put my mouth next to his mushroomed head and could see pre-cum glistening at the end of his meaty foreskin. I could smell his manliness but I could smell something else as well that I couldn’t quite put my finger on.
    ‘This is my lucky day boy, I’ve just had this dick up a blokes arse down the road and I was on the way home for a shower but you can save me the job.’ And he grabbed me by the hair and forced my mouth down onto his hard cock. I could taste the condom he’d obviously worn earlier and his dried cum on my lips as soon as I touched it. My mouth ached with stretching to accommodate his size. My eyes bulged out of my head and I could hardly breath as he pushed my head further down his shaft.
    ‘Yeah that’s it boy suck my dick.’ He said breathing heavier as his cock touched the back of my throat nearly making me choke. He tugged on my hair forcing me to slide my mouth back up his wet hardness then pushed me back down again and thrusting his hips backwards and forwards at the same time abusing my mouth for his own pleasure. My eyes started to water as my breath was being cut off and my lips were tingling as his huge cock drove in and out. I thought I was going to pass out with the lack of oxygen at any moment. He must of realised this as he lifted my head off and forced me to stand up at the same time as he did. His lips crushed herd against mine as he pushed my head forwards roughly.
    ‘This is what you like isn’t it boy.’ He said as he grabbed my left nipple through my shirt and pinched hard. Pain and pleasure swept through me making me wince. And then he pulled my nipple out so far I thought he was going to rip it off.
    ;You like it rough don’t you? You like it when some ones abusing you don’t you?’ I let out a loud moan as he twisted my already swollen nipple. He was right, this is what I’d always wanted and I could feel my cock leaking into my underwear.
He kissed me once more spat in my face. and then bent me over my desk.
    ‘now to give that arse of yours a good working over.’ He said as I felt his hands coming around my waist and undoing my belt. Without undoing my trousers first he put his fingers in the waistband of my trousers and pants and tugged hard making the buttons fly off. Billions of stabbing pains shot through my body as my erection got caught in my trousers as he yanked them down making my cock go between my legs and then slapping back up again into my stomach.
    ‘Stay where you are I’ve got a little surprise for you.’ He said menacingly. I turned my head and watched as he opened up a bag I hadn’t noticed earlier and pulled out a long thin rope. He came round the other side of the desk and threw it on the table. My cock twitched at the thought. This was almost the same as the story I’d written earlier. He smiled down at me as he removed all of his clothes revealing all the hair that covered his arms chest and big stomach. He picked the rope back up and with one end he tied my hands together tightly and with the other end he threw under the table and came back behind me.
    ‘This will make sure you stay in place.’ He said as he went under the desk and tied the other end of rope around my cock and balls making me totally vulnerable and at his mercy.
He came back up and stood behind me rubbing his meaty dick up and down the valley between my cheeks.
    ‘This is what you want isn’t it boy, you want this hard cock to fuck you so hard it hurts don’t you boy?’ he growled as he lent forwards and wrapped his hairy arms around my chest and squeezed my sensitive nipples. Pain raced through my body and I tried to move as he began pulling on both nipples at the same time. as I tried to stand up, the rope that was tied to my bollocks tightened and more pain stabbed through me like I’d been electrocuted.
    ‘Oh shit, oh god!’ I shouted out
    ‘This is exactly what you want isn’t it you fucking little pussy boy?’ he said as he kept sliding his wet erection up and down against my tight hole and torturing my enlarged nipples.
    ‘Oh yeah, fuck me daddy fuck me hard.’ I said excitedly.
    ‘all in good time, I’ve only just started.’ He said as his hands slipped down my naked skin and on to my backside.
    ‘I’m going to make sure I give you want you deserve.’ I heard him say as he knelt down behind me and slowly parted my arse cheeks.
    ‘That’s a nice fucking hole you’ve got.’ He said as I felt a wet finger which he’d obviously put in his mouth traced the outline of my eager crack.
I moaned out in pleasure as his fingers tickled there way to just below my tightened bollocks. Pleasurable pain washed through my body as he began tugging on the fine hairs between my bollocks and arse hole with one hand and massaged my hairy bollocks with his other.
    ‘Oh fuck yes!’ I groaned as I felt pre-cum dribbling out of my hard cock as his hand moved from my bollocks and moved up my hard shaft. Using his thumb he circled my piss hole coating my knob with my own juices. As he pulled my foreskin back his other hand began massaging my cheeks. Gently at first and as his hand began sliding up and down my concrete erection the massaging became harder and rougher. I closed my eyes as the pleasure and pain I was receiving swept through me like a tidal wave.
    ‘Lets see if you think the reality is as good as your fantasy boy.’ He said and I felt a firm slap on my right cheek. ‘SMACK!’ and then a couple of seconds later the same firm slap on my left cheek. ‘SMACK!’ My cock throbbed below the table as the palm of his strong hand bounced off my naked skin.
    ‘Is this what you’ve always wanted do you want more?’ he asked as he rubbed my cheeks where he’d just spanked them.
    ‘Oh god, fuck yes, spank my arse.’ I almost shouted. I’d never felt anything like it in my life, my whole body was tingling with excitement as he began spanking my upturned arse and getting harder with each smack.
    ‘SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!’ My arse soon became hot and tears where in my eyes with the stinging feeling every time he spanked me yet I was loving it and whilst he was hand spanking me his other hand continued sliding up and down my aching cock. I was lost in a world I’d only glimpsed at before and didn’t recognise my own voice as I shouted out ‘Yes that’s it daddy spank my arse, harder, harder!!’
    ‘That’s it you fucking slut boy your arse is nice and red now.’ He said as he paused for a minute to gently rub my burning cheeks. He moved away from my body for a second and when he returned I felt the touch of leather skim over my arse cheeks. I knew straight away what it was as he was acting out the story I’d written perfectly.
    His left hand held me firmly in place on the small of my back,
    ‘That’s a good boy,’ he said ‘are you ready for a proper spanking now?’
Feeling slightly nervous now as I wasn’t to sure weather or not I would be able to take the pain I gulped in some air and felt my cock soften slightly.
    ‘yes…yes please.’ I stuttered.
As soon as the first slice of the belt whacked across my scorching cheeks fire bellowed through me
    ‘That’s made a good mark on your arse.’ He chuckled cruelly and ran his tongue over where I could feel the angry welt rising.
    ‘Are you ready for some more?’ he asked as he slid two fingers either side of my hairy crack up and down.
    ‘Fuck yeah!’ I said with a horse voice. Even though it had been sore my cock was rock hard once more and I could feel the electricity hanging in the air.
Without pausing this time he whacked the belt all over my arse and even the top of my legs. All I could here was the whacking sounds bouncing off the shop walls every time the leather belt bit into my crimson flesh.
    ‘WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!’ I could feel my sweat dribbling down my arm pits and down my back. It felt like I was having one long orgasm as pre-cum just kept dribbling out of my hard cock into a puddle under the table.
    ‘That’s one hot arse you’ve got there.’ He said as I heard him drop the belt on the ground and roughly spread my cheeks wide open. I heard him spit onto my entrance and felt his saliva as it dribbled down between my spread cheeks. My cock was aching to cum but the rope that bound me stopped me from doing so. I could feel his hot breath on my hole as he put both his thumbs on it and parted my fleshy lips open. As his tongue slid up and down I could feel his beard scrapping my skin and I groaned out load. After lubricating me with his experienced tongue he stood up and I felt his thick knob tap gently against my dripping wet hole.
    ‘Oh god yeah fuck me, I want you to fuck me now.’ I said in a delirious state of passion.  His hips moved forward and I could feel my hole spreading wider than ever before as he slowly entered me. I could even feel his foreskin pull back as he pierced himself into me.
    ‘that’s it you little fuck boy.’ He said as I felt his pubes touch my sensitive cheeks and a hard slap from his hand on my well beaten arse. And then he pulled himself out slowly. I felt an emptiness as he pulled all the way out but not for long as with one hard thrust he lunged his full length all the way in and with another hard slap he took a tight grip of my hips and brutally fucked me with all his strength.
    ‘Yeah that’s it fucking take it fucking take it bitch,’ he was shouting out as he ploughed himself in and out of my tight arse.
    ‘That’s it, I’m going to cum right up your arse.’ I heard him shout and he lunged deep into me and I could feel his hot cock as it expanded and shot his spunk right into me. The warmthness spread through as he shot so much of his salty cum up me. My cock was aching to cum but once more the rope that was tied securely around them stopped me from doing so. His cock went slightly softer and he withdrew from my firm grip, gave me an affectionate slap on my backside and stuck a couple of his fingers up my cum filled arse. I was longing for release as he came around my front.
    ‘here, taste this.’ He said as he put the fingers that had been up my arse into my mouth. I sucked on them hard enjoying the taste of his spunk mixed with the musty smell of my own arse. He bent over as he took his dry fingers out and kissed my hard on the lips.
    ‘Thanks for that.’ He said and still bound to the table I watched as he picked up his underwear and came back to where my head hung over the table. ‘and sorry for this.’ He said as quickly and before I knew what was happening he shoved his soiled underwear into my mouth and with such speed he grabbed the masking tape that had been at my desk and wound it around my mouth keeping his pants firmly in place. I watched horror struck and suddenly frightened as he calmly got dressed opened my till and pocketed the money.
    ‘Thanks for that kid. That’s some fantasy you’ve got their.’ He said as he winked. He turned around opened the door and walked out but he didn’t close the door fully. I tried to struggle free but my bollocks hurt every time I moved. I started to panic and realised that if any one looked in out of curiosity because of a half open door how much of a shock they would get. I stayed bound to my desk for about half an hour when I heard a cough at the door. Slowly I tuned my head to see a stocky policeman walking in. But that’s another true story.

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